My great grandfather Richard Jenkins' family lived at Trisant, near Aberystwyth. He married Elizabeth Michell, and the family moved to live in Blaenau Ffestiniog, where my mother, then Jean Roberts, was born.


born c 1801 Llanbadarn
my great, great, great grandfather

Richard was a labourer living at Tan y Graig, Trisant, in the parish of Llanfihangel y Creuddyn, with his family, which included my great, great grandfather,
Richard Jenkins, aged 8.

1841 Census; Tan y Graig, Llanfihangel y Creuddyn.
Richard Jenkins, 40, labourer, Elizabeth Jenkins 35, Mary Jenkins 11, Richard Jenkins 8, Jane Jenkins 3. All were born in Cardiganshire

My great, great grandfather was married and widowed by the time the 1861 census was recorded. He had two sons, including Richard, 2 my great grandfather, who would move to live in Blaenau Ffestiniog.
The family lived at Tan y Graig, and uniquely had three generations of males called Richard

1861 Census; Tan y Graig, Llanfihangel y Creuddyn
Richard Jenkins 57, labourer, born Llanbadarn, Eliza 63, wife, Mary 29 daughter, housemaid, Richard 27, son, widower, miner, David 3 grandson, Richard 2, grandson

1871 Census; Tan y Graig, Llanfihangel y Creuddyn.
Richard Jenkins 68, widower, miner unemployed, Mary 39, daughter, house maid, David son 44 widower, cattle dealer, Richard 37, widower, miner, David 13, grandson, Richard grandson 11

My great grandfather Richard, had left home by the 1881 census and was living at New shop,Llanfihangel. His father was still at Tan y Graig with his sister Mary.

1881 Census; Tangraig.
Richard Jenkins, 47, widower, lead miner, Mary 50, sister, widow

Mary Jenkins - sister to Richard Jenkins.
Buried at Capel Trisant - Inscription on gravestone


1891 Census; Tangraig.
Richard Jenkins, 57, widower, farmer, Catherine Jones, 30, domestic servant


born c 1862
buried 6th November 1946
my great grandfather


on 20th December 1888
my great grandparents
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1881 Census; New Row Shop, Llanfihangel.
Richard Jenkins, 21, was working as a Draper's Shop Assistant for  William and Margaret Evans

Richard married Elizabeth Michell and moved to Aberystwyth, where he worked as a draper at 9 Pier Street.

Photo by kind permission of Mr Les Jones
9 Pier Street, Aberystwyth

01970 612679

1891 Census; 9 Pier Street, Aberystwyth,
Richard Jenkins 30, draper, Elizabeth 27, wife, William Richard 1 son, M. A. Bywater 21, domestic servant

Looking down Pier Street from no 5.

Left of picture; 11 Pier St, Aberystwyth, where son
William Richard Jenkins was born
Right of picture, 9 Pier St, where the draper's shop was in 1891

The family had moved to Blaenau Ffestiniog by 1901, where Richard was a Singer sewing machine salesman, living at 2 Meirion Terrace.

1901 Census, 2 Taliesin Terrace, Blaenau Ffestiniog
Richard Jenkins 41, employed for Singers Sewing Machines,  Elizabeth 38, wife, William R. 10, Mary 9, Annie 7, Sarah M. 3

Photos of 2 Taliesin Terrace by kind permission of Mr Andrew Whitehead W

The couple had five children. Sarah Michell Jenkins was my grandmother.

William Richard Jenkins
born 27th April 1890
11 Pier St, Aberystwyth

Mary Jenkins
born 2nd March 1892
Lottenham House, Aberystwyth

Annie Jenkins
born 14th August 1893
born 4 Pen Maes Road, Aberystwyth

Sarah Michell Jenkins
born 14th September 1897

Thomas Henry Jenkins
born 25th November 1901
2, Taliesin Terrace, Blaenau Ffestiniog

2 Taliesin Terrace
Bl Ffestiniog
(Posted on the 9th August 1933)

Dear Cissie,
I was very glad to know by Dad that you are well. He came home very comfy and was here by half past 8 o'clock. He said that Jack had sent him to the station. Am sure that Betsan and the little man would be disappointed when they came home in not seeing Taid this time (NB - refer to Betty and Eric) - I made him come as I knew the beef would carry on for the week, in broth and stews. Dad brought a lovely breast for me (lamb) and I made it with vegetables and cold today, with your lovely beetroot and the parsley is nice too, so fresh and sweet, am sure you were surprised to see Dad - again

I am pleased Jean bach is getting alright again - she shall go by bus. Dad will see to that, every week.   Hope you will all enjoy the beef it looked very nice. Dad will order a 'heart' for you soon, from Albert. 

Dad is sending this account to Jack from Saturday night's paper (as you will see) and Dad thinks its the man the porter was talking about to them.

I have nothing very special to say.

It's very cold here today - like winter, I do not feel worse. I take the Epsom salts regularly and it is very good.. It will cure me in time I am sure. I will stick to it and get another tin when this is finished. I heard from London, Ada (sister) has been complaining but rheumatic too lately, its the weather so cold with them too.

Fondest love to one and all,
From Taid and Nain

Granddaughter Jean Davies nee Roberts
recalls holidays with her grandparnts

At Dolgarrog Halt, pictured above, we caught the train to Blaenau to visit my grandparents, Richard Jenkins, or 'Jenks', a caretaker at Blaenau school, born in Trisant near Aberystwyth, and Elizabeth Jenkins neé Michell, who hailed from Cwm Ystwyth. It was so wonderful, stopping at various stations, all clean and tidy with little flower gardens decorating the platforms. Then off again to Blaenau through the long tunnel. Sometimes the light would go out in our carriage and we were in complete darkness. My dear father would light a cigarette so that we could see 'light' in the pitch black darkness, which went on for quite a few minutes - but I felt no fear, because Dad, Mam, two sisters Betty and Myfanwy and dear brother Eric were there. Then we came out of the pitch darkness into the light, and were a few minutes from my dear Taid and Nain's home - absolute magic for me.

A very amusing tale was passed on to me by Richard's grandson Eric, my uncle. During WW2 late one dark night during the winter months, my grandfather heard an aircraft flying high overhead.  

The following morning he told his daughter, my 'Auntie Poppy' - "I don't know if that aeroplane was German or British, but those young boys up there should have been in bed hours ago".......!!

Richard Jenkins - obituary.

Many of his acquaintances and especially of old pupils of the Ffestiniog Grammar School, will regret the passing away of Mr Richard Jenkins, of 2 Taliesin Terrace, Blaenau Ffestiniog.

A native of Aberystwyth, he came to this district many years ago and for forty years was Caretaker of the County School. He retired two years ago. During his long term in the County School he proved himself a most popular and loveable character both with the staff and the hundreds of pupils whom he swa entering and leaving the school. Those who left the school and climbed to high and important positions never failed when revisiting the school to look up Mr Jenkins. Many humorous incidents could be related to show the affectionate way in which Mr Jenkins was regarded by the pupils.

In connection with  them he was a youngster at heart, but could when occasion demanded, be very stern. Recalling those days at school, one is amazed at the amount of patience he showed towards those pupils who had more "sense of humour" than the average, and who was delighted in practical jokes

Nevertheless, out of respect for Mr Richards, care was always taken not to hurt his feelings, and a pupil who deliberately insulted him earned for himself the rebuke of his fellow pupils. Mr Jenkins was a great favourite.
Nine years ago, his wife preceded him, and this loss left its mark on him, but he was tenderly cared for by his daughter and other members of the family.

He was 84 years of age and was buried at Bethesda Cemetery, on Wednesday November 6th, the Rev. O. W. Owen M.A., Garregddu officiating. 

The chief mourners were - Mr W.R. Jenkins (son), Miss M. Jenkins (daughter), Mr and Mrs T.H. Jenkins (son and daughter in law), Mr and Mrs O.J. Roberts (daughter and son in law), the Missess Myfanwy and Jean Roberts and Mr Eric Roberts (grandchildren).

Floral tributes were sent by Willie, Daisy, Nigel and Poppy; Cissie and Jack; Tom and Ada; Betty and Al, Canada; Myfanwy, Jean and Eric,; All at 25 Gwydr Road, Dolgarrog; Tom and Tegwedd Reynolds.

Deep sympathy is extended to his two daughters and two sons and grandchildren, and to the family in their bereavement



Willie was born on the 27th April 1890 at 11 Pier Street, Aberystwyth.

His working life involved being a clerk on the railway and later a clerk in charge of rents at the Council Offices in Penmaenmawr.

He married Daisy Arnold, and they had one son, Nigel Jenkins. They lived at Arosfa, Penmaenmawr.


Willie was a colour sergeant/ quartermaster sergeant during the First World War and served in Egypt.

Below he is pictured with some of his fellow soldiers


Willie died on the 30th October 1967.

JENKINS - Mrs Jenkins, Nigel and Mary thank all kind friends for their messages and tokens of sympathy in their recent bereavement, to the family doctors and the staff of the Annexe, Llandudno Hospital, our eternal thanks for their great care and comfort.
To Miss Frances Thomas and Mr Douglas Furlong our eternal gratitude for everything.

JENKINS, William Richard (late Arosfa, Penmaemawr) - October 30. Everlasting remembrances - Loving wife Daisy, Nigel and Mary.

JENKINS. - In memory of a dearly loved brother, Willie of Arosfa, Penmaenmawr, who died October 30th 1967.
Sweetest of memories are all that is left
Of one who was faityhful and one of the best.
Sadly missed by his sister Cissie and Jack, Dolgarrog.  

JENKINS (William Richard). In loving memory of our dear Uncle Willie, who passed away October 30, 1967. - Jean, William, Kenneth and Paul, Dolgellau.


Mary (Poppy) was born on the 2nd March 1892 at Lottenham House, Aberystwyth. She lived at 2 Taliesin Terrace Blaenau Ffestiniog and was head cook at the County School.
She went to work for mother's sister Ada, who had a Newsagent's shop in Bermondsey, London. Poppy was told that she would inherit the business, but came home to Blaenau to look after her father, following the death of her mother.
Although the business was allegedly willed to her, she never got the inheritance.
She lived alone at 2 Taliesin Terrace after her father died in 1946.   

Poppy was a lovely person, and was very close to her sister Annie. Poppy would go the cinema, but would always attend when the film was about half way through. She still had to pay the full admission price.
When taken ill, she went to her sister Cissie, who cared for her. Her illness was probably due to the fact that every day she took some Global Salts for her liver. This was much stronger than the alternative liver salts which were available. Her skin turned yellow. Family used to sit with her when she was dying. 
She died in the parlour of her sister Cissie's home on the 14th October 1947.

The death took place on Tuesday of last week, the 14th inst, of Miss Mary Jenkins (Poppy) of Taliesin Terrace, the eldest daughter of the late Mr and Mrs Richard Jenkins.

She passed peacefully away at the home of her sister in Dolgarrog having been taken ill whilst there on a visit. She will be sadly missed by her numerous friends for her kindly and loving disposition.

The interment took place at Bethesda Cemetery on Friday last.
The chief mourners were Mr William R. Jenkins, Penmaemawr, brother, Mr and Mrs O. J. Roberts and family, Dolgarrog, sister and brother in law. The service at the house in Dolgarrog  was conducted by the Rev Eric Williams, Talybont and the Rev O. W. Owen, Garregddu officiated at the graveside

Wreaths and floral tributes were sent by the following - Cissie, Jack, Myfi, Jean and Eric, Dolgarrog; Willie, Daisy and Nigel, Penmaenmawr; Tom and Ada, London,; Betty, Al and Keith, Canada; Will, Llanrwst; All at 25 Gwydr Road, Dolgarrog; Harry and Annie Griffiths, Blaenau Ffestiniog; Mr and Mrs Reynolds, Tom and Tegwedd; Headmaster and Staff Grammar School; Staff of Grammar School Canteen; Staff of Maenofferern School Canteen; Gaynor Williams, 3 Taliesin Terrace; Mr and Mrs Hind and family, 5 Fron Fawr; Mrs G. Dauncey, 8 Cromwell Street; Jennie Hughes, 9 Fron Fawr; Mr and Mrs I. Knight Griffiths, Bron Eirian,

"Mrs C. M. Roberts, Dolgarrog, Mr W.R. Jenkins, Penmaenmawr and Mr T. H. Jenkins, London and families, wish to thank all friends and neighbours for their kind letters of sympathy and floral tributes in their recent bereavement." - Cissie, Willie and Tom


Annie was born on the 14th August 1893 at 4 Maesglas Road, Aberystwyth.
She worked as a shop assistant  at The Glorian Shop, Blaenau and also in Mold Annie was a Sunday School teacher

Letter to her sister sent to 83 Wellington Street, Alexandra Park, Manchester;

Belmont, Mold, Dear Cissie (September 1924)

Just a note for the last time as Miss Jenkins.  Well I really wish you and Jack every good luck imaginable. You deserve it as you have been ery good to them at home. The first chance I get, I shall come over to see you. Had it been next Saturday I could have managed it, but now it's utterly impossible. Give my fondest love to Jack and your dear self.
Yours affectionately, sister Annie. Write soon

She enjoyed going to dances in Llanrwst with her brother Tom.

Annie sadly fell through a trapdoor leading into the cellars of a pub on a street in Blaenau. She hit her throat which closed. She was wrongly diagnosed as just having a bad throat, but in fact it was cancer.
Her brother in law, Jack (O.J. Roberts) took her to Liverpool for treatment.
People passing by her home could hear her breathing with difficulty. She died aged 32 and is buried in Bethesda cemetery, Blaenau. 

MARW YN IEUANC - Gyda gofid mawr y cofnodwn am farw a chladdu y ferch ieuanc Miss Annie Jenkins, merch Mr a Mrs Richard Jenkins, 2 Taliesin Terrace, a hithau ond bron wedi cyrhaedd ei 32 mlwydd oed. Bu yn gwasanaethu am amser maith yn Shop 'Y Glorian', ac yr oedd yn un a hoffid gan bawb. Cafodd gystudd cales iawn. Y mae cydymdeimlad ardal gyfan gyda y teulu trallodus hwn.

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Tom was born on the 25th November 1901, at 2 Meirion Street, Blaenau Ffestiniog.
He ran away to sea when he was young and joined the Merchant Navy after the First World War. He travelled the world.

He would always give money to anyone who was down and out, living on the streets.
He married Ada, they had no children He worked at the Firestone factory on the Great North Road, Hounslow, near Kew Gardens.


Aberystwyth photos


Dydd  Iau  Hydref  23  1947

This local paper contained an obituary for my great aunt
Mary (Poppy) Jenkins.
Here are some extracts from that paper

Businesses advertising in
Y Rhedegydd
in 1947

51 High Street Blaenau Ffestiniog (Tel 82)

BRADLEYS (Chester) Ltd
Established 1878
5, Church Street, Blaenau Ffestiniog.

Auctioneer and Furniture Dealer
36, Jones Street, Blaenau Ffestiniog.

M.P.S.  F.N.A.O.  F.I.O.
Qualified Ophthalmic Optician
National Health Insurance
Dispensing Chemist
Thursdays at BALA

Men's overcoats, D.B., Navy Melton,
45/3, 14 coupons
S.B. Belted Smart Tweeds, from £4/5/8
18 coupons
Sports Coats from 39/9, 13 coupons.
See our range of Aquatite Raincoats in
smart Belted Styles, made in shot gaberdine.
Try us for your next Made to Measure suit.
Delivery 10 - 12 weeks


at the

JANET HOWE, Mezzo Soprano

Accompanist; KATIE PLEMING, L.R.A.M.
Chairman; Lt.-Col. WILLIAM ELLIS

Doors open at 7.30 pm   To commence at 8 pm
Tickets : 5/- (Reserved) ; 2/6
Proceeds in aid of the Bristish Legion Benevolent Fund
Tickets now on Sale at the FORUM

JERUSALEM - Cynhelir rihyrsal nos Fercher am 7 o'r gloch yng nghapel Jerusalem er paratoi gogyfer y recordio gan y B.B.C. o'r canu cynulleidfaol nos Iau am 7.30 o'r gloch.

Blaenau Ffestiniog Canine Society

to be held at the
Prize money; 10/-, 6/-, 3/-
Numerous Specials and Two Cups to be won.
Judging commences at 2pm
Apply for Schedule to Mr. R.G. Jones
Hafod, The Square, Blaenau Ffestiniog
Entries close on Nov. 1, 1947


Football Supporters Club

of the above Club
will be held at the
AT 6.30 pm

Argraffwyd a chyhoeddwyd (Y Rhedegydd) gan J.D. Davies a'i gwmni,
Swyddfa'r Rhedegydd, Blaenau Ffestiniog. Telephone 71

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