My great grandmother, Jane Jones was born on a mountain path near Dolwyddelen. She was a blacksmith's daughter who lived in the village.


Jane Jones blacksmith's daughter
(Family History Talk. 4th March 2013)
Jane Williams nee Jones 1870-1953
Serious Mine Accident 1877
1901 Head of Household
David Jones, Y Gegin, Dolwyddelan
Dolwyddelan War Memorial
Owen Parry Jones a'i deulu 

Dolwyddelan Historical Society

Mr Ken Davies, Newtown

I'm really looking forward to giving this talk, about my great grandmother,
Jane Jones, who married Thomas Williams, Gorsedd Grucyn

Thomas Williams (Ken Davies) - Jane's husband
Winifred Myfanwy Davies nee Williams (Kim Davies) - Jane's daughter

Bibl Peter Williams and items from 1923

Thomas and Winnie

Jamez Wilson, cameraman and Kim

Dear Ken and Kim
                     Thank you both on behalf of the Dolwyddelen Historical Society for a very memorable evening. I personally enjoyed it, and everyone I spoke to after said the same. 
I have been on your web site many a time before but had not realised it was your website. 
Diolch yn fawr i chi och dau.
Bill Jones.
5th March 2013

Jane Williams, nee Jones
1870 - 1953

Jane is my great grandmother. She was born around 1870, allegedly on a mountain path near Dolwyddelen. Her father David Jones, was a blacksmith in the village. I have been unable to trace Jane and her family in the 1871 and 1881 censuses, but the following decade, she was working as a dairymaid for Thomas Williams, Gorsedd Grucyn, Nant y Rhiw 

In 1891 Thomas Williams 41, was head of Gorsedd, following the death of his father, with his mother, now called Gwen, aged 80. Working there was a 21 year old dairymaid from Dolwyddelan, Jane Jones - she would marry Thomas. Farm servant David Jones 17 of Dolwyddelan and John Jones 16, a labourer, also worked there. Nephew Thomas John Williams 11 was still in residence, but died aged 16 and was buried on September 29th 1896.

1901 and Thomas Williams, 51 had living with him, his wife Jane 31, 20 years his junior. Their family at the time consisted of Owen 8, Humphrey 7, Robert John 6, Winifred 4, Hannah 2 and 8 month old Jane. She died and was buried on November 3 1922 aged 23. Thomas and Jane also had an infant son Thomas 3, who died and was buried on August 8th 1896.
Thomas' mother Gwen, died at a ripe old age of 91, was also there. She died aged 94 and was buried on the 24th February 1904. All spoke Welsh.

1911, Thomas was 61, Jane 41,  their family was Robert John Williams 16, Winiffred Myfanwy Williams 14, both helping on the farm, Jane Williams 11, Gwilym Thomas 6, twins Joseph and Mair 5, Ifor Cynwyd Williams 4, Ieuan Emrys Williams 1, Ynyr Philips , 6 weeks old.The census states that Thomas and Jane had been married 19 years, they'd had 16 children, with 13 still alive, 3 deceased..

Thomas Williams born 1850 Died 21/11/1923 Home: Gorsedd Grycun Occupation: Farmer
Jane Jones (wife) b.1870 d. 14/04/1953

E. HUMPHREY Married Ellen. Home: Railway Terrace,Llanrwst
OWEN b. 27/8/1892 d. 06/06/1963 Bachelor Farmer Home: Tu Hwnt I'r Afon, Gwytherin
THOMAS b. 1893 d.05/08/1896 Home: Gorsedd Grycun, Nant y Rhiw
ROBERT JOHN b. 18/10/1894 d. 11/03/1975 Bachelor Farmer Home: Gorsedd Grycun, Nant y Rhiw
JANE b. 1899 d. 31/10/1922 Spinster Home: Gorsedd Grycun, Nant y Rhiw
WINIFRED MYFANWY b. 6/1/1897 d. 21/02/1945 m.Idwal G.Davies, Postman. Home: School Bank Terrace,Llanrwst
HANNAH CERIDWEN b.15/06/1901 d. 16/10/1988 m. Peter Williams. Farmer Home: Hafoty Gwyn, Pentrevoelas
SARAH OLWEN b. 1902 d. 08/02/1983 m. Howell Jackson, Labourer. Home: Bont y Clwt, Melin y Coed

GWILYM b.1904 d. 09/01/1940 m. Gwendoline Home: Cwm, Dyserth
MAIR twin b. 02/06/1905 d.23/08/1999 m. Robert D. Roberts, Farmer Home: Maes Madog, Capel Garmon
JOSEPH twin b. 02/06/1905 d. 21/12/1991 Bachelor Farmer. Home: Gorsedd Grycun, Nant y Rhiw
IFOR CYNWYD b. 30/03/1907 d. 09/04/1987 m.Annie Owen. Home: Marine Road, Colwyn Bay
IEUAN EMRYS b. 19/01/1909 d. 07/10/1989 m.Kate. Occupation: Farmer Home: Cilowen, Llanfair Tal Haearn
YNYR PHILLIP b. 15/02/1911 d. 25/09/1975 m.Ceridwen Occ: Labourer. Home: Tegfan, Melin y Coed


Annie Gwenfron married Sydney Davies - Son: Thomas Eiddon

William Owen b. 15/08/1923 Married Jean Roberts. Sons: Kenneth & Paul
Thomas Glynne b.12/01/1926 Married Mair Jones. Sons: Gareth/Geraint/Aled/Owen
Ceinwen b.17/08/1937 m. Vivian Biffin. Son:Martin

Elfed married Catherine
Emlyn married Elinor Children: ? / Clwyd
Alun married Mair Occupation: Farmer Daughters: Eurwen / Alwena
Hywel b.Sept. 1940 Married Rhiannon Occupation: Farmer Children: Megan / Dion / Ffion

Idris Married Megan. Children: Beryl / Eirian / Leonard / Mair
Elwyn m. Gwen. Son: David
Alwena b. 19/11/1928 Married Caradog Evans
Blodwen married Michael

Jean married John Edwards. Daughter: Janet

Cadwaladr 17/11/1928 married Jean Welch Occupation: Businessman Daughter Fiona Jane
Rhianwen 13/01/1944 married John E. Roberts Occupation: Teacher Daughters: Elen Wyn / Nia Wyn

Gwynfor m.Priscilla
Aelwyn m.Shirley
Alun b.April 1944. Married Edith

Aledwen married Iorweth Jones, Occupation Farmer Children: Dylan / Clwyd / Morwenna
Norman married Ann Daughers: Bethan / Menna

Philip b.Oct. 1944. Married Miriam. Sons: Gareth / Alwyn
Elfed married Sharon Children: Llyr /

Many thanks to Rhianwen Roberts, Mair's daughter, f
or the above family information.

Gorsedd Grycun from the top road looking south west.

In 1928 Mair married Robert David Roberts, the son of Cadwaladr Roberts of Foty Gerrig, Siloam, 

Ynyr married Ceridwen and lived at Tegfan, Melin y Coed.

Above: Gorsedd Grucyn 1966 - Jo Williams with Ken and Paul Davies.
(KD / Ed RE) 

Jane died on the 14th April 1953, aged 83


Jane Williams centre, with Mair, Sally, Hannah and Annie in 1951, at her grandson William Owen Davies' wedding to Jean Roberts in 1951.

Jane's obituary reads:

Mrs Jane Williams of Gorsedd Grycun, Nant y Rhiw, Llanrwst who died on Tuesday week, was the mother of 17 children.

The ten surviving sons and daughters together with some of Mrs Williams' 26 grandchildren and her four great-grandchildren were among the relatives and friends who attended a short service at the farmhouse on Saturday. Interment was at the public cemetery Llanrwst.

Mrs Williams was a native of Dolwyddelan, but had lived at Gorsedd Grycun for nearly 70 years. She was a member of Nant y Rhiw Congregational Chapel. Her husband, Thomas Williams (Grucyn), died 30 years ago. He was a well-known local bard whose elegiac poems gained him considerable repute.

The service at the house was conducted by the Rev. Byron Hughes, Melin Y Coed, and at the graveside by the Revs Byron Hughes, Enoc T. Davies and W.E. Thomas.

The chief mourners included Messrs. Owen Williams, E. Humphrey Williams, Robert John Williams, Joseph Williams and Ifor Cynwyd Williams (sons); Mr & Mrs Emrys Williams, Mr & Mrs Ynyr P. Williams (sons and daughters in law); Mr & Mrs Peter Williams, Mr & Mrs Hywel Jackson, Mr & Mrs Robert D. Roberts, (daughters and sons in law); Mr I. Glynne Davies, (son in law), Mrs I.G. Davies (daughter in law); Mrs A.G. Davies, Miss Ceinwen Davies, (granddaughters); and Tom E. Davies, (great grandson).

Six of the sons were the bearers, assisted by Messrs. Cadwaladr Roberts, Idris Jackson, Elwyn Jackson, Elfed Williams, William Owen Davies and T. Glynne Davies, grandsons.

Floral tributes were sent by Bob a Joe; Annie, Ceinwen a Tom bach; teulu Ty Hwnt i'r Afon; Humphrey; teulu Foty Gwyn; Mair a Bob; teulu Cil Owen; Ynyr Ceridwen a'r plant; Sally a Hywel; Ifor a'r plant; Gwen, Glynne a'r plant; William a Jean; Idris, Megan a Beryl; Tom, Mair a Gareth bach; Dwalad a Rhianwen; Alwena a Caradog; Elwyn, Gwen a David; Blodwen; Alun; Nowie a Humphrey; Maggie a'r teulu, Birkenhead a Llundain; teulu Foty Fawr; teulu Fron Wen; teulu Bron Haul, Bryn Seion; Bob, Myfi and little Christopher, St Asaph; all at Brookfield; Stan, Eirwen a Dewi bach; Liz ac Evan, Maes Gwyn; Lorna a Phyllis, Brookfield; Llanrwst postmen

Meet my father's family from the Nant y Rhiw area,
Melin Y Coed.
Thomas, my great grandfather and his wife Jane,
had 17 children.
Read more about their lives in Nant y Rhiw.

Newtown and Welshpool
Thursday 1st November 1870

The Storm

At 3 o'clock on Thursday afternoon, an accident occurred to the train from Ffestiniog to Blaenau. There were three carriages attached to the engine, the one next to it being the first class one.
The wind on this elevated spot blew a perfect hurricane so much so, that when the train arrived within about a mile from Conglywal, the wind blew the first class carriage clean off the line, but did not tumble over.
Brakes were instantly applied and the engine was brought to a standstill. Fortunately there was no passengers in the first class carriage.
The passengers in the other two carriages escaped with a few bruises 



Montgomeryshire Express and Radnorshire Times, February 1877

The ruined building belongs to the former Cwm Fynhadog slate mine on the lower slopes of Moel Lledr. It has its own bridge over the Afon Lledr.

Photo and text opyright Rudi Winter and licensed for reuse
under this
Creative Commons Licence.

The correspondent to a contemporary writes as follows:-
At 9.20 on Friday, January 26, a very serious explosion took place at shaft No 1 at Cwm Nhadog, Dolwyddelen, and resulted in one man being killed and two others seriously injured.

It stated that the bore was drilled to its required depth and wiped for the purpose of loading it with the patent cotton powder manufactured by a company from Faversham. This cotton powder as is well known to many of your readers, is manufactured in oblong pieces three inches or so long, and about an inch or inch and a half in diameter.

The foreman on duty undertook to charge the bore with these cartridges. The cartridge proved too thick for the bore, and to push it to the bottom was more than he could do without converting the drill into a ramrod and hammering it down. Entirely out of patience, he ordered Hugh Hughes, Amlwch, to push it down with a cast steel drill, and at the same time he took hold of the hammer, using it with as much energy  as if he were drilling a granite rock, wich resulted in a fearful explosion, carrying destruction far and near, and trowing the workmen fromtheir standing point like gravel, crushing them in a most heart-rendering manner, and injuring Hugh Hughes so fearfully that he was pcked up insensible and survived only in great pain until seven p.m. the same day.

The two others  who were hurt are still alive with hope that they will recover. The third is Richard Edwards from Cwmystwyth, Cardiganshire. It seems that this patent cotton powder has been used ever since the tunnel was commenced some three years ago, and the foreman has been in the habit of charging bores with it for the last three years. It was stated that no explosion would take place from this powder if the cap or detonator were not attached to it.

It is further stated that there was only three inches of powder in the bore at the time of the explosion, and that all the detonators were up on top, under the care of Mr Richard Lloyd, one of the head foremen of Shaft No. 1, when the explosion took place. He always during his shift attaches the detonators to the powder, stamps the bore up, and fires the fuse.

The miners as a rule do not powder the bores drilled by them, and why the case was different in this case I cannot say. I am certain that it is stringently requested that no iron or cast steel drill should be used in stamping the bores after the cap is attached to the powder, but whether this rule is also applicable at the time when they are powdering the bore, is more than I can tell. As is the case with great works of this nature, the work at this tunnel has worked at a great expense of life and limb.

Youthful saplings and cow-boys from among the farmers, and street-skulkers, make their way among the miners into the tunnel, men who hardly ever use either drill or miner's hammer before, and these inefficient workmen assume the character of miners. It is very often the case in striking the drill that the strike misses, smashing either the hand or the knee of the person holding that holds the drill.
Young men often call on me with a sore hand, occasioned by a strike from an uncouth and inefficient workman.

Taking everything into consideration, what is strange is that men are hurried so seldom into the other world by fearful accidents and explosions at the different stages of the tunnel. 
Mr. R. Thomas, deputy coroner from Carnarvon, went through the neighbourhood (Dolwyddelen) on Monday, January 29, to hold an inquest on the body of the deceased, but as the accident took place under the "Explosives Act", he had no other business to attend to than to swear and ampannel the jury, binding each juror to appear on Monday next at Dolwyddelen Schoolroom, under a penalty of ten pounds, to complete the inquest.

The facts were communicated to the Secretary of State. I refrain from all comments till the inquest is over.

Head of Household
all born Dolwyddelen unless otherwise stated

William Davies, married, 52, farmer
Frongoch, Robert Owen, married 58, farmer 300 acres
Rhosgoch, Gwen Williams, widow, 59, Independent means, Penmachno
Tyn y Pallen, Margaret Williams, widow, 86, farmer
Pont y Pant School, Gtiffith Thomas, married, 25, labourer
Rhiwgoch Bach, John Williams, married 41, quarryman

Tyn Newydd, Owen Jones,married 26, quarryman, Bethesda
Tyn Newydd, Ann Griffiths, widow, 30, farmer
Cae Gwyn, William Griffiths, married, 73, farmer 45 acres
Ty y Ffordd, Hugh Morris, married 60, quarryman
Bryn Moel, Richard Jones, married 48, farmer 30 acres

Ty'n Twll, John Griffiths, married 56, quarryman
Bwlch Quarry, John Thomas, married 58, labourer, Penmachno
Bwlch Cottage, William Davies, married, 55 labourer
Bwlch Farm, John Jones, married, 42, farmer 550 acres & Quarry Agent

Pen y Bryn, Richard Jones, married 24, farm labourer, Llangernyw
Pentre Felin, Catherine Roberts, widow, 83, retired farmer
Pistyll Gwyn, CadwaladrWilliams, married, 65 farmer, Merionethshire
Pentre'r Felin, William Jones, married 44, quarryman
Pentre'r Felin, Daniel Jones, married, 38, quarryman, Ffestiniog
Ty'r Felin, William Evans, married 28, quarryman

Ty'r Ffynnon, Thomas Williams, widower, 83, pauper
Pen Cafna, David Hughes, married 49, quarryman, Llanrwst
Tanrallt, Janet Thomas, widow, 48, Independent means, Llanberis
Tangerig, William Ellis, married, 54, quarryman
Tangerig, Ellis Williams, married, 51, quarryman

Tangerig, Griffith Griffiths, married, 28, quarryman
Tangerig, Griffith Jones, married,32, Llanllyfni
Barricks, Elizabeth Hughes, widow, 83, pauper, Rhuddlan
Barricks, David Grifiths, married, 47, quarryman
Barricks, Robert Williams, married, 70, quarryman, Llandwrog

Barricks, Mary Jones, widow, 53, pauper
Barricks, Griffith Griffiths, married, 22, quarryman
Pen y Gelli, John Williams, widower, 53 stonemason, Anglesey
Hen Ysgoldy, Robert Ellis, married, 24, quarryman
Ty'r Ysgoldy, John Evans, married, 58, quarryman
Bryn Hyfryd, Owen Hughes, married, 46, Manchester

Tanyrallt, Ellia Owen, unmarried, 17, quarryman
Elens Cottage, Davis Evans, married, 38, joiner, Clwt y Bont
Elen's Castle Hotel, Thomas Jones, married 29, Inn Keeper, Cerrig y Drudion
View Hotel, Thomas Williams, married 42, Inn Keeper,

Gwydr Arms Hotel, Hugh Williams, married, 26, Inn Keeper, Llanllechid
Shop Penygroes, Evan Thomas, married, 49, Lleyn
Pen y Groes, William Griffiths, married, 36, blacksmith
Pen y Groes, Lewis Griffiths, married, 59, blacksmith, Penmachno

Ty'n Llan, David Roberts, married, 27, Police Officer, Liverpool
Tan r Eglwys, Rees Williams, married, 67, shoemaker, Penmachno
School House, Hugh Williams, married 26, school master, Aber
School House, William Jones, married, 34, quarryman
Llan, Hugh Jones, married, 54, river keeper, Bettws y Coed
Hen Shop, John Williams, married, 70, tailor, Llangefni
Shop Bach, Robert Jones, married, 40, labourer

Ty Cefn, Elizabeth Jones, widow, 48, pauper, Llanfrothen
Shop Newydd, Morris Jones, married, 52, quarryman
Shop Newydd, Hugh Hughes, married, 24, quarryman, Capel Curig
Ty Newydd, John Jones, married, 45, quarryman, Eglwysbach

Fron, Anne Jones, widow, 85, Independent means, Capel Garmon
Fron, Thomas Williams, married, 49,
Bodegroes, Elizabrth Owen, widow, 59, farmer, Caerhun
Bodegroes, John Williams, widower, 50, quarryman
Bodegroes, Robert Davies Hughes, married, 29, quarryman, Trewydr
Pontricerig, Elizabeth Jones, widow, 54, pauper

Pontricerig, John Hughes, married, 33, rockman
Pontricerig, Thomas Jones, married, 70, retired quarryman, Penmachno
Pontricerig, John Jones, widower, 35 quarry labourer
Penybonc, William Jones, married, 45, farm labourer, Llangernyw
Tan y Castell, William Charles, widower, 55, farmer 150 acres, Pentrefoelas

Ty Ucha'r Ffordd, Robert Williams, married, 30 farmer 200 acres & labourer
Tan y Castell, William Owen, married, 57, quarry labourer, Abergele
Tan y Castell, Edward Pritchard, married, 58, labourer, Beddgelert
Tan y Castell, Hugh Hughes, married, 30, labourer, Capel Garmon
Tan y Castell, William Thomas, married, 55, quarryman

Bryn Tirion, John Jones, married, 52, surgeon,
                                    Ledwith School of Medecine,  Ynys Cyn Haiarn 
Castle Cottage, Jane Roberts, widow, 35, pauper
Castle Cottage, Elias Owen, married, 35 blacksmith, Bettws y Coed
Castle Cottage, Robert Evans, married, 36, labourer, Abergele
Black Quarry, David Owen, married, 30, quarryman, Capel Curig

Castle View, William Davies, married, 54, labourer
Minffordd, Griffith Roberts, married, 70, quarryman
Bod unig, William Jones, married, 58, farmer 18 acres,
Beudy Bach, Richard Roberts, married, 33, farmer 18 acres, Ysbytty
Penrhiw, William Jones,  widower, 61, farmer 300 acres, Maentwrog

Penrhiw, Robert Williams, married, 59, farmer 85 acres
Penrhiw, Griffith Jones, unmarried, 60, retired farmer
Ffridd, Robert Davies, widower, 66, farmer 500 acres

Henry Roberts, married, 32, farmer 200 acres, Dolgellau

Margaret Roberts, 31, farmer's wife, born Trawsfynydd
children; Annie 8, M. Jane, 6, Ellen 4, all born Ffestiniog, Henry 4 months, born Dolgellau

Carnedd, William D. Jones, married, 54, farmer 132 acres, Llanfrothen
Ty Mawr, Owen Parry, unmarried, 45, quarryman, Ffestiniog
Garnedd Ucha, William Jones, married, 64, farmer 66 acres,
Fron Heulog, John Edwards, married, 50, quarryman, Penmachno

Fron Heulog, John Williams, married, 30, labourer, Festiniog
Ty Newydd, Robert Evans, widower, 82, farmer 12 acres, Llanfihangel y Traethau
Ceotmor, John Hughes, married, 30, quarryman, Capel Garmon
Coetmor, William Jones, married, 51, farmer 7 acres, Capel Garmon
Coetmor, Edward Lewis, married, 50 farmer, shepherd, Llangurig
Fron Hadog Isaf, Ellis Williams, married, 60, farmer 500 acres

Fron Hadog Uchaf, Robert Davies, married, 55, farm shepherd,
Hendre, Robert Jones, married, 56, farmer 500 acres, Beddgelert
Gorddinon, Owen Lloyd, married, 45, farmer 260 acres

Gorddinon, Bleddyn Lloyd, married, 58, farmer, 260 acres
Hafod Llian, David Williams, widower, 69, gardener
Hafod Llian, Robert Griffiths, married, 35, farmer 300 acres,
Hafod Llian, William Davies, married, 46, quarryman, Festiniog

Bertheos, Jannet Williams, widow, 71, farmer 250 acres, Trawsfynydd
Bertheos, Evan Evans, married, 59, farmer 340 acres
Bertheos, David Thomas, married, 29, quarryman, Llanfihangel y Traethau
Bertheos, Griffith Lloyd, married, 58, labourer   

Bron y Fedw, John Williams, married, 74, farmer 10 acres
Hafod y Gwregedd, John Jones, married, 59, mason
Tan y Graig, Owen Griffiths, married, 55, labourer slate quarry
Bonerth View, Rev H.E. Williams, lodger, 35, Vicar of the Parish, Llandegai
                      David Davies Williams, visitor, Lay Preacher, Beddgelert

Glyn Lledoer, John Robert Jones, married, 41, farmer 200 acres, Capel Curig
Lanaeltroch, John Hughes, married, 71, farmer 58 acres, Llanrhychwyn
Cyfyrog, Robert Pierce, married 60, sawyer

Cyfyrog, Elizabeth Griffith, widow, 76, pauper, Penmachno
Tan y Clogwyn, Owen Jones, married, 56, farmer, Penmachno
Pwll y Garth, Robert Roberts, unmarried, 49, farmer 200 acres
Mur Coch, Mary Williams, widow, 66, farmer 100 acres
Bwlch Bach, Ann Evans, unmarried, 29, farmer 28 acres
Pant Glyn, John Davies, married, 72, farmer 33 acres, Eglwysbach
Dolman Coch, Ann Williams, married, 27, farmer 100 acres

Bryn Mwllach, David Roberts, married, 55, farmer
Hendref, William Kyffin, married, 56, farmer 30 acres, Maenan
Hendref, Owen Roberts, widower, 52, labourer, Llanbedr
Fedw, Robert Ellis, married, 60, farmer 160 acres
Ty Isaf, Eli Thomas, widower, 40, farmer

Ddol, William Owen, married 60, farmer 9 acres
Ty'n y Bryn, Griffith Roberts, married 51, farmer 66 acres, Festiniog
Pen Geulan, Edward Lloyd, unmarried 85, pauper

Aberdeunant, John Jones, married 29, quarryman, Llanrwst
Aberdeunant, Thomas Owen, married 28, quarryman, Bettws y Coed
Aberdeunant, Daenor Owen, married, 34, dressmaker
Aberdeunant, Jane Roberts, married, 30, pauper
Aberdeunant, Henry Parry, married, 32, quarryman, Llan
Aberdeunant, Hugh Roberts, married, 27, quarryman, Capel Garmon

Glandwr, David Davies, married, 66, carrier
Hen Gapel, John Davies, married, 29, quarryman
Hen Gapel, Richard Evans, married, 50 retired farmer
Yr Ynys, ? Davies, married 57, quarryman, Bettws y Coed
Penllyn, Ellinor Ellis, married, 76, pauper, Penmachno

Penllyn, Griffith Jones, married 69, quarryman
Penllyn, William Daniel, married, 29, tailor, Pentrevoelas
Penllyn, William Hughes, married, 44, shoemaker, Trawsfynydd
Penllyn, Jane Williams, married, 57, dressmaker, Llangerniew
Penllyn, Richard Jones, married, 44, quarryman, Llangerniew
Penllyn, Owen Owens, married, 39, quarryman, Bettws y Coed

Penllyn, Evan Jones, married, 41, labourer, Llanrhaeadr
Pentre Bont, William Williams, married, 42, quarryman, Festiniog
Pentre Bont, Richard Lloyd, married, 25, quarryman
Pentre Bont, Owen Lloyd, married, 32, quarryman
Pentre Bont, William Roberts, married, 66, miner, Penmachno

Penllyn, Robert Hughes, married, 29, quarryman,
Penllyn, Thomas Williams, married 55, quarryman
Pentre Bont, Mary Williams, married, 34, laundress, Penmachno
Pentre Bont, William Evans, married, 38, quarryman, Llanllechid
Pentre Bont, Jane Griffiths, widow, 51, dressmaker, Capel Curig
Pentre Bont, Daniel Williams, married, 25, quarryman
Pentre Bont, Thomas Williams, married, 30, quarryman,
Pentre Bont, Griffith Hughes, married, 26, grocer
Pentre Bont, Robert Evans, married, 59, quarryman, Trefriw 

Glanyrafon, John Roberts, married, 34, quarryman, Clynnog
Pentre Bont, Griffith Williams, married, 35, quarryman
Pentre Bont, Elinor Owen, widow, 64, pauper, Penmorfa
Ty Capel Isaf, Richard Humphreys, married, 46, quarryman
Ty Capel Uchaf, John Jones, married, 55, stonemason

Bron Elen, John Owen, married, 65, smith
Bron Elen, John Jones, married, 55, retired farmer
Pentre Bont, Ellis Holland, married, 48, quarryman, Liverpool
Pentre Bont, Thomas Lloyd, married, 23, slate miner
Glan y Gors, Griffith Roberts, married, 45, farmer 20 acres,Yspytty

Aberbeinw, William Morris, maried, 56, quarryman, Beddgelert

Head of Household
all born Dolwyddelen unless otherwise stated

Ty'n Hadog Isa
David Williams, son, 37, farmer
Griffith Jones, married, 40, farmer
Fron Heulog
John Edwards, married,  60, sl. quarry worker, underground, Penmachno
Richard P Jones, married 39, sl. quarry worker underground, Nebo
Ty Newydd Isaf
William Davies, married, 52, farmer

Coed Mawr Farm
John S Harrington, son, 28, farmer, Garnbibley
Robert Jones, married, 37, railway plate layer, Llansannan
Independent Chapel
Ty Capel Dinas

Owen P Jones, married 37, sl. quarry miner below ground
Mission Church
Ty Newydd Garnedd

Ellis Jones, married, 50,
Ty Mawr Garnedd
Jane Jones, widow, 88
C.M. Chapel
Boys and Girls School

Penbont Garnedd
Margaret Roberts, widow, 60, Trawsfynydd
John Davies, married, 49, farmer
Ffridd Newydd
Richard Jones, married,50, farmer, Llanfrothen
Tyn Pistyll
David Jones, married 56, farmer
Robert Griffiths, married, 61, sl. quarry man below ground
William R Williams, married, 40, joiner carpenter

Evan B Lloyd, married, 46, farmer
Old Gorddinen
Elizabeth Davies, widow, 47
Jaane Jones, widow, 61
Yr Aber
Robert Roberts, married 48, railway platelayer, Maelog Anglesey
Owen Roberts, married, 33, sl. quarry worker, below ground, Merioneth

Roman Bridge Station
Roman Bridge Station House

John Furlong, married, 32, station master, Holywell
Glyn Barlwyd
William Williams, married, 32, sl. quarry worker below ground, Nantglyn
Bleddyn Lloyd, married, 41, far,er
Bod Unig
William Roberts, married, 45, sll, quarry worker below ground

Woollen Factory House
William Davies, married, 73, wool spinner, Penmachno
Mary Edwards, married, 23, Blaenau Ffestiniog
Castle View
David Davies, married 45, wool warp twister, Penmacchno
Tan y Castle CM Sunday School
The Castle
Bryn Tirion

Robert Williams, married, 60, farmer
Tan y Castell Cottage
Robert I Hughes, married, 32, sl. quarry worker below ground
Bron Llewelyn
William Owens, married, 49,  farmer, Denbigh

Pont Arenig
Richard Jones, married, 35, sl. quarry worker above ground
Tyn y Coed
William Williams, married, 70, butcher, Llangwm
John Hughes, widow, 64, sl. quarry worker
Jeremiah Williams, married, 61, farmer, Penmchno
Coed y  Fron
William Jones, married, 56, sl. quarry worker below ground
Richard Loyd, married, 56, carter

Meredydd Terrace
Rees Roberts, married, 36, sl. quarry worker below ground, Beddgelert
Daniel Ll Davies, married, 29, picture framer
John R Jones, married, 51, sl. quarry worker below ground,
Robert Owens, widow, 63, sl. quarry worker above ground
Manoah Williamms, single, 40, sl. quarry worker above ground
Griffith Griffiths, widower, 57,  sl. quarry worker above ground

Tan y Bryn, uninhabitted
Shop Bach,

Elizabeth Pritchard, widow, 65, Pentrefoelas
Bod Hyfryd
Hugh Roberts, married, 26, sl. quarry worker below ground
William Owens, married, 32,sl. quarry worker above ground
Houses building 2
Bron Derw

Hugh Jones, married, 34, sl. quarry worker above ground
Griffith Hughes, married, 33,sl. quarry worker below ground

Castle Terrace
1 John S Jones, married, 50, sl. qu. worker below ground Betws Abergele
2 David Williams, married, 59, sl. quarry worker below ground
3 William Jones, married, 58, slate quarry worker, Llangernyw
4 William Giffiths, single, 50, sl. quarry worker above ground
5 David Jones, married, 60, slate quarry worker. Llangollen
6 Robert Pierce, widower, 80, retired sl. quarry worker, Betws y Coed
7 The Vicarage
John Davies, married, 39, clergyman C of E, Lledrod

St Elizabeth Church
Castle Terrace

7 Hugh Roberts, married, 57 sl. qu. worker bel. ground, Betws y Coed 
8 David Owen, married, 59, sl. qu. worker above gound, Capel Curig
9. John Roberts, married, 42, sl. quarry worker above ground
10 John Ll Jones, married, 43, sl. quarry worker above ground
11 Ann Williams, widow, 50 shopkeeper grocer, Dolgellau
12 Daniel Jones, married, 67, farmer, Festiniog
13 Henry Jones, married, 58, sl. qu. worker bel. ground, Capel Garmon
14 John R Jones, widower, 58,  sl. qu. worker bel. ground, Capel Garmon
15 William Griffiiths, married, 31, sl. quarry worker above ground

Old Surgery
Griffith Williams, married, 68, sl. quarry worker abovr ground
Post Office
Evan Thomas, widower, 78, Postmaster, Llangwnadl, LleyN

Peny groes
Tudor Williams, married, 28, sl. quarry worker Pentrefoelas
Mandle Terrace
1 John Thomas, married, 29, Policeman, Betws y Coed
2 Robert Williams, married, 37, sl. quarry worker above ground
3 William R Jones, married, 27, sl. quarry worker below ground
4 Thomas Davies, married,  46, highway road labourer, Portmadoc
5 Ellen Williams, widow, 55, Capel Garmon
Gwydyr Arms Hotel
William H Williams, single,  29, sl. qu. worker & Inn Keeper
Benar View Hotel not in occupation
Ty'r Mynydd not in occupation
Cae Ffynon 

Evan Jones, married, slate quarry Manager

Moriah CM Chapel
Ty Capel Moriah

Robert Evans, married, 63, sl. quarry worker above ground, Llanddulas
Elen's Castle Hotel
William Jones, widower, 65, Hotel keeper propietor, Capel Gaarmon
Elen's Cottage
David Evans, widower, 69, joiner carpenter, Clwt y Bont
Tan r Allt
John E Owens, married, 57 sl. qu. worker below ground, Penmorfa
William Roberts. married, 60, sl. quarry worker above ground

Bryn Hyfryd
Catherine Hughes, widow, 69
Bod Gwilym
William Jones, widower, 51, stonemason
Bryn Melyn
Anne Evans, widow, 53, Penmachno
Gwyn Fryn
William Roberts, married, 29, schoolmaster, Llanllechid
Bod Afon
Elizabeth Lloyd, widow, 34, Llandecwyn
Bod Afon (bach)
Ellen Davies, widow, 64, dressmaker, Blaenau Festiniog
Old Mill

Pistyll Terrace
1 John Williams, married, 49, slate quarry blacksmith, Tafarn y Fedw
2 Owen Hughes, married, 33, sl. quarry carpenter joiner, Betws y  Coed
3Willaim Edwards, married, 34, lead miner below ground, Merioneth
4 Elizabeth Jones, widow, 61
5 Catherine Evans, widow, 55, Llithfaen
Pistyll Gwyn
Robert Hughes, married, 32, lead miner below ground, Capel Curig
One in occupation - not at home
David E Davies, married, 63, retired slate quarry manager, Festiniog
Wesleyan Chapel

Bryn Tawel
1 Daniel Williams, married, 55, sl. quarry worker above ground
2 Thomas Williams, married, 28, sl. qu worker bel grd, Llanddeiniolen
Pen y Cafnau
Robert D Hughes, married, 59, slate quarry employer, Betws y Coed
Bron Haul
William Williams, married, 52, sl. quarry worker above ground
William  Ellis, single, 64, sl. quarry worker above ground, Penmachno
John Pughe, married, 33, lead miner below ground, Dolgellau
1 Elias Jones, married, 32, slate quarryman below ground, Denbighsire
2 unihabitted
3 Mary Lloyd, widow, 55, Maentwrog
4 John Roberts, married, 64, road highway labourer, Gwytherin

Barricks Terrace
1 Robert Griffiths, married, 57, slate quarryman below ground
2 Jabez Davies, married, 57, slate quarryman below ground, Nantglyn
3 Mary Jones, widow, 82
4 uninhabitted
Evan Roberts, married, 30, slate quarryman below ground, Capel Garmon
Tyn Twll
Griffith Griffiths, married, 52, slate hone maker

Pen y Bryn
John Roberts, married, 40,slate quarryman above ground
Bwlch Farm
Robert Edwards, married, 55, farmer, Festiniog
Bwlch Quarry Cottage
Morris Owens, married, 46, railway plate layer
Catherine Buckley, married, 51, Ysbytty Ifan

Quarry Office
Prince Llewelyn Terrace

1 Thomas W Pryce, married, 59, slate quarryman above ground
2 George Hughes, married, 55, sl. qu'man  above, Wrexham
3 Elias Owens, married, 43, sl. qu'man above ground, Cyffin
4 Edward Roberts, married, 28, sl. qu'man below ground , Llanbedr
5 John Jones, married, 36, lead miner below ground, Bettws y Coed

Dolbryn Cottage
Evan Hughes, married, 34, slate quarryman below ground, Beddgelert
Sunday School CM
Tan y Graig

Ellis Williams, married, 35, slate quarryman below ground , Henllan
Bryn Moel
Richard Morris, married, 50, farmer
John I Davies, married, 38, farmer

Cae Gwyn
David McNaughton, married, 40, gamekeeper, Perthshire
Bryn Goleu
William Cairns, married, 31, gamekeeper, Lanark
Jimie Jones, single, 23, gardener domestic, Dean Forest
Bryn Hyfryd
William Roberts, married 40 farmer & lead miner bel. gr'd, Pentrefoelas
2 properties not in occupation

Rhiw Goch Bach
Rowland Evans, married, 41, slate quarryman above ground, Lanark
Ty Newydd
William Hughes, married, 60, bailiff on farm, Portmadoc
Lledr Villa
James Smith, married, 39, domestic butler, Woolton, Liverpool
Tyn y Ffordd
Not in occupation
Mission Chapel (Church of England)
Mission Chapel House

John Roberts, married, 43, slate quarryman above ground, Talyllyn

Pont y Bont Hotel
Not in occupation
Tan y Fallen

Richard Jones, married, 59, carter on farm, Bettws, Abergele
Fron Goch
Owen Griffiths, married, 61, farmer
Rhiw Goch Isaf
William Owens, married, 50, carter on farm
Lledr Cottage
Owen I Owens, widower, 50, water bailiff, Liverpool
Bod Hyfryd
Edward Pritchard, widower, 88, Beddgelert
Hafod Gwenllian Farm,
Elizabeth Owens, widow, 70, Llanddoged
Hafod Gwenllian Farm Cottage
Appie Davies, single 27, no occupation
Bertheos Ucha house (building)
Bertheos Ucha' Farm

Jannet Evans, widow 70, Penrhyndeudraeth
Bertheos Cottage unoccupied

Ellis Evans, married, 50, slate quarry miner, below ground

Tyn y Cwm Farm
William Robert, married, 60, farmer, Pentrefoelas
Tan y Bwlch Farm
Evan Davies, maried, 28, farmer, Ffestiniog
Gwyndy Farm
Thomas Pierce, married, 48, farmer
John Griffith, married, 51, slate quarryman below ground, Festiniog
Catrine Holland, widow, 72, Beddgelert

Tan y Bennar
John Roberts, married, 29, slate quarryman below ground
Anne Humphreys, widow, 61
Richard Jones, married, 42, Railway platelayer, Glyndyfrdwy
William Roberts, married, 64, baker, Llanbedr
Robert Jones, married, 28, slate quarryman below ground
John Roberts, married,68, slate quarryminer below ground, Trewydir
Rhys Roberts, married, 68, railway platelayer, Beddgelert
William Roberts, married, 35, slate quarryman below ground, Bethesda

Morris Williams, widower, 48, slate quarryman above ground
Richard Roberts, married, 26, slate quarryman below ground, Festiniog
John Griffith, married, 40, slate quarry maker above ground, Rhuddlan
Robert Jones, married, 47, sl. quarry rockman below ground, Abergele
Robert Williams, married, 69, slate quarryman above ground
Robert Owen, married, 54, slate quarry rockman above ground

Gorphwysfa, Bennar Terrace
Henry Williams, married, 48, stone mason
Gwylfa, Bennar Terrace
John Hughes, married, 36, slate quarryman above ground, Beddgelert
Bennar Terrace,
Richard Humphreys, married, 33, slate quarrymaker below ground
John N. Jones, married, 34, slate rockman below ground, Trefriw
William Jones, married, 27,  joiner carpenter, Llan y Pennant
Robert Williams, married, 36, slate rockman below ground
Rhys Morris, married, 40 slate. quarrymaker above ground
Llys Afron
Robert Griffith, married, 34, slate quarrymaker above ground

Las Ynys
Jane Jones, widow, 62, Penmachno
Bridge Terrace
(Glan Lledr) William Owen, maried, 58, quarry blacksmith, Tregarth
Catherine Hughes, widow, 70, Penrhyndeudraeth
William Davies, married, 50, slate rockman below ground, Llangerniew
Jeremiah Parry, widower, 71,
John Davies, married, 38, butcher, Llanrhychwyn
John Roberts, married, 43, tailor
Ellis Pierce, married, 60, bookseller

Church Street
William Williams, married, 73, quarryman on pension
Hugh Roberts, married, 49, slate quarryman below ground
Moses Roberts, married, 34, slate quarryman below ground, Llangerniew
John Thomas, married, 35, painter house, Llanfechell
Rees Griffiths, married, 40, slate maker below ground
Richard Jones, married, 71, coal merchant
Thomas Pritchard, widower, 49,  slate maker above ground
Benjamin Williams, married, 36, medical student, Maentwrog
William Lloyd, married, postman
Gwen Owens, widow, 68, Capel Garmon
Elinor Roberts, widow, 67
John Evans, married, 30, slate maker above ground
Griffith M. Jones, married, 48, carrier, Garn Dolbenmaen
Robert F, Davies, married, 41, slate miner below ground, Denbigh
Ezra Jones, married, 43, quarry engine driver, Rhuthin

Robert Jones, married, 44, slate rockman above ground
Moses Williams, married, 38, slate maker above ground 
Jane Anne Evans, single, 49, shopkeeper, Trefriw
Ty Isa'
Jane Evans, widow, 75
Hendre Ucha'
John Williams, married, 69, slate maker above ground, Bethesda
Hendre Isa
Robert Price, married, 33, farmer & quarryman, Garn Dolbenmaen

David Williams, married 62, farmer, Dolgelley
Dolmwoch (?)
Robert Roberts, married 45, slate rockman
Pont y Pant Station House,
Robert Williams, married, 40, station master, Denbigh
New House
Jessie Helen Grant (boarder) 43, Bible reader, Scotland - Cullen Fordysh
Bwlch Bach,
Robert Jones, married, 49, farmer, Llanddewi

Gelli Pant,
John Davies, married, farmer
Penaildroch uninhabitted
Cittin Villa uninhabitted

Elinor Jones, widow, 47, farmer, Ysbytty Evan
Glyn Lledr
William Jones, married, 47, farmer, Penmachno
Dolwyddelen Station House
Margaret M. Williams (boarder) 24, school mistress, Talysarn
Ty Capel Isa'
William Williams, married, 52, Independent Preacher
Gwen Charles, widow, 85, Penmachno
Tan Lan
Robert Williams, married, 38, slate maker above ground
Rathbone Terrace
Hugh Jones, married, 63,  slate maker below ground, Llangerniew

Pentre Bont
1. David Williams, married, 29,  slate maker above ground
2. William Evans, married, 69,  slate miner above ground
3. Mary Williams, widow, 62
4. William Williams, married, 35,  slate maker above ground
5. Owen Jones, married, 52, slate rockman above ground, Capel Garmon
6. John Prydderch, single, 22, slate labourer below ground
7. William M. Hughes, widower, 37, slate rockman below ground
8. & 9. William Daniel, married,57, tailor - drapery, Pentre Voelas
10. Humphrey Jones, widowed, 55, carter on farm, Penmachno
11. Unoccupied
12. Anne Jones, widow, 60, grocer and shopkeeper, Festiniog
13. William M. Daniel,married, 25, slate rockman below ground
14. John D. Williams, married, 32, slate maker above ground
15. Owen Jones, married, 24, engine driver quarry above ground
16. John Hughes, married, 24, sl. maker above ground, Garn Dolbenmaen
17. Jeremiah Williams, married, 45, sl. rockman above ground, Trewydir
18. Richard Evans, married 27, slate maker above ground
19. Ellis Jones, married, 22, railway platelayer
20 / 21 / 22 not in occupation
23. Morris Jones, married, 22, slate maker above ground
24. Ellis Roberts, married 40, slate maker above ground, Llanrug
Hen Gapel
William Roberts, married, 49, slate maker above ground
Margaret Morris, widow, 66, domestic, Llanaber
Thomas Hughes, married, 45, slate rockman below ground, Llangwm

Elinor Jones, widow, 69
Ellen Jones, married, 29, Llangollen
Anne Hughes, widow, 66, Beddgelert
Gaynor Owens, widow, 64
John Jones, married, 53,  slate rockman above ground, Ysbytty Evan
Margaret Evans, widow, 74
Vale View
Samuel Jones, married, 48, slate rockman below ground
Richard Hughes, married, 50, slate rockman below ground, Llangwm
Snowdon View uninhabitted
Tyn y Bryn, Catherine Roberts, widow, 81,
Bron Ellen, John Williams, married, 39, quarry engine driver,
Margaret Jones, widow, 79
Jane Jones, widow, 66, retired laundress, Bettws y Coed

Ty'r Capel
John Davies, married, 59, slate rockman below ground, Llangerniew
Pwll y Garth
John Jones, married, 28, farmer, Maenan
Cyffing Cottage
David Williams, married, 51, hosiery, Tredwydir
Tan y Clogwyn,
Thomas Pierce, married, 48, farmer

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Ken Davies

David Jones
'Y Gegin'

Can anyone assist Ifor Williams with this request please?
Ifor can be contacted via

Bore da Ken
I've just read your most interesting Penmon Family history in the Dolwyddelan area.
I am currently trying to trace my great grandfather David Jones who hailed from the village
Can you please give me as much information as you can about the family associations with Dolwyddean and Roman Bridge.

I have David Jones (6 years old) living in 'Y Gegin', Dolwyddelan in 1851 and by 1871 (27 years old) in 'Twr (Ty?) Celyn, Llansannan following his marriage in 1868 to Anne Jones of Rhydeidion Ganol, Llansannan.

By 1881 I have the family living at Ty Newydd, Dolwyddelan. By 1891 the family had moved to Bryn y Mynydd, in Ffestiniog and in 1901 in Market Hall, Blaenau Ffestiniog. Can you in the first place please confirm that this info is accurate as far as you know.  

If the above info is accurate, do you know where 'Y Gegin' and Ty Newydd, are in Dolwyddelan? I know that a branch of the family lived at 'Yr Hendre' Roman Bridge and that Owen ?? kept the butcher's shop in the centre of the village in the 1950's.

I'd be very grateful for any help you can provide. The grand daughter of the family, who has never visited Wales before, is coming over from USA in October 2012 and wishes to see as many of the sites associated with the family as possible.
Diolch yn fawr
Ifor Williams




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Owen Parry Jones
a'i deulu

Neges oddiwrth Mark Strong, Aberystwyth (KD);
Dwi'n perthyn i Owen Parry Jones a'i wraig Ellen nee Roberts. 'R oedd ei thad Henry Roberts yn ffermio ym 'Mhen y Bont'. Fy Nhaid oedd Meredydd Parry Jones, symudodd i Wrecsam yn y 30au.

Teulu tad Owen Parry Jones
hefyd yn Owen Parry Jones

1891 124 High Street, Blaenau,
Owen P. Jones 29, chwarelwr llechi, ganwyd Penmachno
Ellen, 24, gwraig, ganwyd Ffestiniog, Harry P. 1 mis, ganwyd Ffestiniog.

1901 Ty Capel, Dolwyddelan,
Owen P. Jones, 37, gweithiwr llechi dan ddaear, ganwyd Penmachno
Ellen P. Jones, 34, gwraig ganwyd Ffestiniog, plant; Harry P, 10,Ffestiniog, John P, 8, Dolwyddelan, William R, 6 Ffestiniog, Robert, 3, Dolwyddelan, Margaret A. 4 mis, Dolwyddelan.

1911, Dinas, Blaenau,
Owen P. Jones, 47, gweithiwr llechi, ganwyd Penmachno
Ellen P. Jones, 44, gwraig ganwyd Ffestiniog,
Priod 23 mlynedd, 9 o blant, 8 dal yn fyw, i wedi marw
Plant; John Parry Jones, 18 gwneuthwr llechi, Robert Owen Jones, 13, Maggie Ann Jones, 10, Kate Ellen, 8, Owen Parry Jones 7, Meredydd Parry Jones, 4, ganwyd i gyd yn Nolwyddelan.

Robert Owen Jones
mab Owen Parry Jones

Bob y Milwr

Brawd Bob, sef
John Parry Jones

Mae enwau Robert Owen Jones a
John Parry Jones ar y cerrig coffa yn Nolwyddelan.
Ewythrod Mark.

Daeth eu frawd arall, William (Bill) yn ôl o'r Rhyfel Mawr ond cafodd brofiadau erchyll yn y mwyngloddiau halen yn Yr Almaen. Bu farw yn ifanc iawn, ond briododd o Kitty.

Teulu wraig Owen Parry Jones
sef Ellen Roberts

1871 Penybont,
Henry Roberts, priod, 32, ffarmwr 200 erw, ganwyd Dolgellau
Margaret Roberts, 31, gwraig, ganwyd Trawsfynydd
plant; Annie 8, M. Jane, 6, Ellen 4, ganwyd i gyd yn  Ffestiniog, Henry 4 mis, ganwyd Dolgellau

1881 Garnedd, Dolwyddelan,
Henry Roberts, priod, 42, ffarmwr 500 erw, ganwyd Llanelltyd
Margaret Roberts, 40, gwraig, ganwyd Trawsfynydd
plant;  Margaret Jane, 17, ganwyd i gyd yn  Ffestiniog, William Henry 10, Gwen 8, Robert 6, ganwyd i gyd yn Nolwyddelan, John 4 ganwyd yn Nolgellau

1891 Penybont, Dolwyddelan,
Henry Roberts, priod, 54, ffarmwr,  ganwyd Llanfachreth
Margaret Roberts, 51, gwraig, ganwyd Trawsfynydd
plant;  William Henry 20, ffarmio, Gwen 18, John 13, Ann 9, Kate 3, Sarah Jane, 3 mis ganwyd i gyd yn Nolwyddelan.

Nodyn arall gan Mark:
O ddiddordeb efallai, mae Eirionydd Baskerville wedi gwneud crynhoi dipyn o waith am fy cysylltiadau i Batagonia a teulu Williams- Judith Williams. Fe oedd hi yn edrych ar ôl y Capel hyd at diwedd ei oes.
Hoffwn ddiolch i Mark am hanes ei deulu. KD.


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