Are any visitors to the site able to help with these enquiries?  Response by e-mail to please.



Are you able to help resolve some of these enquiries at all?
If so, please reply via the site's e-mail address  

Thank you - Ken


              Ashton Family

 Hi I'm trying to find family in the Anglesey area.
All I have been given is the name Ashton and a story.
story is, John Ashton was married to Alice Thelma (now Hughes) unsure of maiden name. Known as Thelma she was married to J . Ashton at the age of 21 and he was at similar age.
They had two boys together Garry and Terry Ashton (both now Hughes). However John Ashton drowned in the Anglesey river when Garry (my father) was two years old. Garry is now 54 years of age and obviously has no recall of this situation.
Both boys moved to Conwy to start their lives over with their mother 'Thelma'. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Amy Hughes.

If you can help Amy, she can be contacted via
January 2015

                Edward Redvers Evans

I have recently started to research my grandfather who lived in Beaumaris in the early 1900's. 
My grandfathers name was Edward Redvers Evans born in 1901 he had a sister called May and they lived in Goal Street.  After the death of his parents he was sent to a children's home in Llandudno where he settled. 
Are you aware of any remaining local families with the surname Evans that may be related or any information I can follow up.
My email address is
Many thanks
Sharon Walters
January 2015

Annie Jones
born between 1911-17 Llanfairfechan

Does anyone have any information about an Annie Jones, also known as Nancy, who was born between 1911-1917 in Llanfairfechan? Her parents were Owen and Margaret Jones nee Roberts, they lived on Mona terrace, Owen was a quarryman/settmaker . Margaret died in 1917 and Owen died in 1924. I don't know who would have cared for her after their deaths.  Any information would be most welcome.
Unfortunately I have no photos whatsoever of this part of my family. It has been really hard going to find out what I have found out so far. I was told the names of my grandma's siblings but "Annie" has been found mentioned on an obituary in Oswestry and this is the first I know of her. 
My grandma never spoke of her family and Annie must be the daughter of Owen Jones second marriage, maybe that's why there has been no mention of her.
Regards Val Dallison
August 2014

Thanks for your enquiry Val. If anyone can help, Val can be contacted via


Family of
Jane Williams

I've just read the information you have posted on your Penmon website about the Williams family and I am very interested to see if this is the family I am looking for. Patti Rydde
I live in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada so travelling to England and Wales for research is not feasible.
My 2nd great grandmother was Jane Williams, and I have been trying to confirm her parents. She was born approx 1827 and her birthplace listed as Llanfair, Denbigh(based on her age and birthplace shown for several Censuses).
She married Joseph Yates in 1854. On her marriage, she lists her father as John Williams, deceased, occupation farmer.

Joseph Yates, around 1890
son of Joseph and Jane Yates nee

At the time of her marriage, she listed her place of residence as Betchton House, occupation servant. The witnesses on her marriage were listed as Joseph Dale, Annie Yates and John Davies. (Joseph Yates' mother was Sarah, nee Dale). My research has shown that witnesses were usually related and haven't found the Davies connection yet.
Joseph and Jane lived in Smallwood. They named their children; Jack, Annie, Jane, Mary, Ellen, Rachael, John, Joseph and Phillip. Sometimes I find children are named after relatives. Joseph was a shoemaker and his parents were John Yates and Sarah Dale.

Joseph and his wife Elizabeth as school teachers
in Bolton, Lancashire and taken around 1900. 

 I've just ordered a CD from Anglesey to see if I can find anything further on Jane's parents, but thought I should write to you as well to see if there might be a connection.  
Thank you

Can you help Patti please?
I've checked my Williams family and unfortunately, cannot find a family connection with Patti, who can be contacted via


William Owen Williams
(Wil Traction)

Hi, I have just found your site and find it most interesting.
I am researching my family history.
My Grand fathers name was William Owen Williams, known as Wil Traction.
His father was John, described as a farmer on the marriage certificate.
He claims he was born in a place called Henllan, however there is no record of his birth.

William Owen and his brother Hugh operated a traction engine in north Wales for many years. Hugh lived in Colwyn Bay at the time of William Owen's death 1955 in Tan y Fron, Denbighshire.

I wonder are there any Williams who may know something of my family please?

Regards Barbara Payne
18th November 2013

Thanks for your enquiry Barbara. If anyone can help, Barbara can be contacted via

Beaumaris Gaol

I am a researcher for
The One Show
on BBC Network.

We are interested in doing a short film about Beaumaris Gaol.

I was wondering if you have any contacts for relatives of
Richard Rowlands, executed at the gaol in 1862, or
John Morris, who escaped from the jail in 1859.

I'd really appreciate your help.
Best wishes, Letitia Fitzpatrick
27th July 2013

If you can help Letitia, she can be contacted via

Mary Roberts
1a Bowydd View

I am wondering whether you could give me any advice on trying to trace family relatives in Blaenau. 
Unfortunately, I cannot remember their surname only their Christian names. 
As children we always called them Aunt Sally and Uncle Huw, their children's names were Rhona, Merrill and Cedri and they all lived at 1 Bowydd View, Blaenau. 
I recall Aunt Sally and Uncle Huw living there in the 1950's and 1960's.  Uncle Huw worked at Blaenau Ffestiniog's railway.  My Grandmother, Mary Roberts, lived at 1a Bowydd View and that was her last address.
I may still have other relatives living in and around Blaenau but there again only Christian names are remembered.  ~

My Grandfather, Edward Roberts and his son Edward John, known as Ned, are buried in Llan Ffestiniog.  His other son was killed in the Great War and is buried in France. 

On looking on your page for soldiers from Llan who were killed in the Great War I think I have found him.  His name was William Roberts and he died 12th May, 1918 France/Flanders.

I hope you can direct me to whom I might contact to  find out this information.
Many thanks
Best wishes
Jackie McGill
July 2013

Thanks for your enquiry Jackie. If anyone can help, Jackie can be contacted via

Baron Hill Estate

Can you help me at all please?
Just been to see my parents in Beaumaris today and had a walk round the ruins of Baron Hill and then a trip to Penmon.
Do you know the extent of the Baron Hill Estate today i.e. is there a map available please? asks Dr Andrew Francis
July 2013


I am not aware of any map which gives the extent of the current Baron Hill Estate. KD.
If anyone can assist Andrew, he can be contacted via

and Tandderwen
near Llanrwst

I wonder if you would be able to given me any information regarding the
place of Maenan?  Was there once a house or farm called Tandderwen? asks Donna Armstead.
July 2013. 

 If you can help Donna, she can be contacted via

Pat Impey
Hi, I am trying to trace my grandmother's family, her name was Mary Roberts born 1896 (Anglesey?) her father was Hughie Roberts. After the death of her father  Mary's mother (name unknown)  married into the Jones family and lived in Holyhead. Would be grateful for any information,
Pat can be contacted via

Connie Allen Johnson.
May 2012

In the 1950's I had a pen pal in Blaenau Ffestiniog North Wales.  Her name was Rhiannon Jones, living at 5 Oakley Square.  We lost touch many years ago, but I am interested in making contact again.  I am wondering if you might be able to give me any information.  

Connie can be contacted via

Mrs M Moss 
May 2012

I have just found your web site and wandered if you could assist me in the search for information about the house called Pentre Pant Hall in Oswestry.

I am trying to find out how Sir David  came to own it/ live there. I believe he passed it in to his son, he bishop of St Asaph.

I am particularly after photographs of the property through the years, and am interested in its connection to Brogyntyn Hall/ Porkington as it was known. 
Mrs Moss can be contacted via

Stephen Lyons

I am researching Richard Harold Aubrey who lived at Bryngwyn Hall, Dwyran between 1975 and 1980. He died at the hall on December 27th 1980. He lived at the hall with his wife Enid Meredith Aubrey and a daughter. 
Stephen can be contacted via


Tim Bailey
Tim is very interested in the old Board School in Llangoed and would like to know if anyone has any photos of the school when it was in its heyday please.
Tim can be contacted via
September 2010
Descendants of Elystan Glodrydd in remarkable historic 're-union'.
Philp is arranging a gathering of about 100 descendants of Elystan in October at Llanbister. If you claim to be a descendant, visit the following website

Vic is  President of the Llai Local History Society
I would be interested in any information or help you can give me regarding the Llay Welfare Welsh Amateur Cup win of 1936. I have been looking for ages for confirmation that this occurred.
I was told that Llay is the only village to have two teams win this cup. Welfare and United were bitter rivals - the top half of the village supported Welfare and the bottom United. The latter folded when their ground was sold for housing in 1957. Welfare is still going but without much success in recent years.

Thanks for your enquiry. The following information may be of use;
1935 - 36 Welsh Amateur Cup Final;
Llay Welfare 1 v 1 Treharris at Newtown
Llay Welfare 3 v 1 Treharris replay at Oswestry
Other Welsh Amateur Cup Finals involving teams from Llai were:
1945 - 46
Caerau Athletic 5 v1 Llay United at Machynlleth
This was the first final after the Second World War - competition had naturally been suspended.
1946 - 47
Troedyrhiw 5 v 0 Llay United at Llanidloes
Troedyrhiw lost to Flint 1 v 2 in Machynlleth in 1947 -48 (info given just to fill the gap)
1948 - 49
Llay United 2 v 0 Hanwood Welfare at Wrexham
1949 - 50
Caerau Athletic 2 v 0 Llay Welfare at Aberystwyth
Enid Hughes
May 2010

I am trying to find any information or photographs of my uncle George Owen who was secretary to the Welsh Football Association in the 1930's or 1940's I think.

As a child my parents used to take me to his house in  Aberystwyth for summer holidays. My father died when I was 8 years old and I lost touch with Uncle George.

I have grandsons who are interested in football and I would like to give them information. My Dad's father was George Farmer, who played for Oswestry then Everton in the late 1880/90's. 

Can you help please?

I am very grateful to Welsh football historian Ian Garland, for the following reply;

I've come across the name of George Owens on the FAW quite a lot, he was very prominent in the 1950s.   See  for a photo. As you'll see from this  he was chairman of the FAW in 1957. He was never the secretary; from 1946 to the 60s the FAW secretary was Herbert Powell. The post of chairman was a rotating one among the members of the FAW Council, it is now called the president. 

Note also from Mel Thomas's new book on the Cambrian Coast League that George Owens was a vice president of the league in 1951.  I think he must have been the mid Wales representative on the FAW. I don't have dates but I'd guess in the 40s and 50s.  The FAW minutes would say a lot more. Best of all might be to get hold of his newspaper obituary which would probably say a lot about him. But for that, one would need his date of death. If I find any more information in my notebooks I'll pass it on. 

I'll email Mrs Hughes separately about George Farmer who is one of the players in my Who's Who of Welsh International Soccer Players.

Gareth Owen
May 2010

I'm trying to trace my Taids family. I know he worked in the Penmon quarry, his name was Owen Owens and I believe he lived in Llandonna. He later moved to live in Penrhynside, Llandudno and worked on the Little Orme quarry.I was told some brothers went to Birkenhead to work on the docks.
My taid married my nain in Llandudno in 1917.

Can you help please?

Anna Rollin
May 2010
I saw this 1st photo on your site, Newtown Albion 1913-1914.
(See Keith Spiller, August 2008 enquiry)

Edgar Williams said he did not recognise anyone in this picture and suggested that it could be a Cambridge team.

The 2nd photo is mine and shows Newtown Albions (unknown year).My grandfather Archibald Williams (from Easton -in Gordano, Somerset) is pictured top left with a towel over his shoulder. The boy bottom right is in both these photos. I am unable to find a Cambridge team of the same name and wonder if you or anyone could shed more light on this team and where I can find further information.

Can you help please?

Following message received in July 2013 from David Phillips:
Could you put me in touch with Anna Rollin who posted a photograph on the penmon website of Newtown fc as i am related to her Grandfather Archibald Williams from Easton In Gordano who was my Great Grandmothers cousin.
Message forwarded as requested.

George Dawson

December 2009

I came up with this site when I Googled "murder Red Wharf Bay." (See I.J. Platt - April 2008)
I had a holiday in 1947 when I was 3, staying in Llandegfan at a house which I think was the local vicarage. I remember a trip to Red Wharf Bay "so that my aunties and Mum could see the murder cottage!"
They got stuck in the mud and lost their sandals to which my father said served them right. This became a family story and I wondered what the actual facts were. Now I know - so many thanks. 
Does anyone know more about the "vicarage" - it overlooked the Menai Straits above the Beaumaris - Menai road. It had a "well" which my aunties were terrified I would find and fall down!
We often visit the area now and I think I can identify the vicarage but would like to know more.

Can you help please?

Further to my enquiry of Dec 2009, about the "Murder Cottage" on Red Wharf Bay and the "vicarage" at Llandegfan, I have now confirmed the identity of the latter.
                      Using Google and the Old OS Map site I have found a version of the OS map which identifies a house as "The Rectory" about 50-100yds up Cichle Hill from the A545 Menai Bridge to Beaumaris Road.
                        This ties in exactly with my memories, s the house on the map is set in from Cichle Hill up a driveway .
                        Thanks Again,  with Kind Regards, 
                                       George Dawson.

Linda John

September 2009

I write on behalf of an Aunt who lives on Anglesey in the area of  Newborough.  She set me a question today and I 'found' your blog so I hope you don't mind me picking your brains.  Mrs. Davies vaguely remembers that it used to be possible to cross the Straits over the sandbanks, but she can't remember where.  Do you have any information about this please.  She is a historian of the village of Newborough herself so we may make a contribution to your site in the future.
She'd love, through me, to put something on your site probably about the marram grass  'industry' in Newborough.

Can you help please?

Rosemary Gardiner
September 2009

I am trying without much luck to trace my grandfather (John Hobson) Captain and owner of two ships - Village Maid & Emma (or Emily).He traded out of Holyhead in the late 1800s to early 1900s and we know for certain that he was in dock at Holyhead in March 1905 to register the birth of my Mother (Emily Rose Hobson ).Possibly born at sea ??? I have found that a ship named Village Maid was wrecked on the Dutchman rocks and 4 crew rescued but no names are given in the lifeboat web site.My sister dimly recalls that she was told that he HAD been shipwrecked but no details are known as to when and where.

When John Hobson put into Holyhead  on the 27th March 1904 he stayed at 1 George St to register the birth of my mother (Rosa Gladys Hobson ).She died in Devon,age 62 in 1966.My Grandmother was named Emily Rose(formerly JOY ),She was born around 1873 and I KNOW she died in Devon aged 89 in 1962.
We have only recently started to hunt for past history so I am really only a learner.I have been using the Library at home However,in the meantime we have been trying to find John Hobson everywhere we can think of and have made arrangements to go to London in October to visit the Marine Museum at Greenwich
        Any help you can give me with this search really would be appreciated.I KNOW he existed but can find no details anywhere of his birth,death or marriage.Likewise his Captaincy etc etc.
    Earlier in the year I visited 1 George St and the owner (a former Lifeboatman himself) recalls some paperwork he had years ago that actually listed John Hobson in the house
      Your assistance in finding my Grandfather is greatly appreciated, very sincerely, Rosemary.

Sue Jenkins

May 2009 

My grandmother was Jane Ellen Thomas (neeMcNeil), known as Jinny, and was born July 18th 1879 in Aberdaron.  She married Dr. John Meredith Thomas on July 16th 1902 at Deunant Chapel in Aberdaron.  They had 3 children - Margaret, Mona and John  (known as Jack) and the family lived at Menai Bridge.  My grandmother left the family between 1915 and 1920 under mysterious circumstances and as my grandfather disowned all 3 children around 1933 we do not know the date she died or where she is buried.

I've recently discovered she died around 1927 but she is not buried with my grandfather who died 1940.  My grandparents did not divorce. Can anyone throw some light in this direction?
Can you help please?

Ian Morris

March 2009

We have a family tale that in the 1800s possibly mid 1800s, my ancestor James Morris claimed an estate around Llanrwst. He lived and collected rent there till the estate was put in trust for 100years. He returned to Chester. The story goes he claimed it on a female side as no other heirs were around, possibly through his first wife Mary Minshull.
I was just intrested to know if anyone had any records mentioning it

Can you help please?

Mrs Walton

March 2009

I am tracing my family tree and have found a link to Richard Roberts whom saved his families lives at the Dolgarrog disaster 1925.  I cannot find any further information about this particular act of heroism.  If you can throw any light on this I would be most grateful.


Can you help please?


Trevor Edwards

February 2009

When researching my Cwmystwyth ancestry,  I was saddened upon discovering in the Cardiganshire Family History Society's Index to Burials and Eglwys Newydd 1838 - 1865, that four young nieces and nephews of my great grandparents Richard and Margaret Edwards (nee Howells), of Tynyffordd, had died at Caermeirch farm in May and June of 1856.

Many other children had also died in 1856. I discovered that many of these poor children died of a Scarlet Fever epidemic in and around the upper Ystwyth valley and which peaked between May and June 1856. However, although I have searched many internet sites which cover the history of Eglwys Newydd, and other local sources, I have been unable to find any reference to the tragedy which unfolded there.

Please see link to Cwmystwyth Mining Community for more information and a list of the poor children who died.

Can you help please?


Amanda Gough

February 2009

Amanda would like to contact the family of Charles Wilson Jones, born 1914, and played for Wrexham, Birmingham and Nottingham Forest. During the Second World War, he guested for many clubs, including Blackpool, Manchester City and West Bromwich Albion.

Charles also played for Wales on two occasions, scoring on his debut against Ireland in a 3-1 victory, and against France

Amanda can be contacted on;


Phil Davies

January 2009

 I am currently researching the footballing career of William Davies my Great Uncle. William was known as Willie or sometimes Billie. He had a good career and was in the Cardiff side which lost to Sheffield Utd in the 1925 FA Cup Final. I was thrilled to find pictures of him in your 'George Harold Beadles' section. Willie was born in 1900 but I have been unable to track him down on the 1901 census. If anyone can help me with this or if anyone has any pictures of him I would love to hear from them. Congratulations on an excellent website.

Can you help please?


Jane Watts

January 2009

My grandmother Alice Hughes was born in 1889/1890 in Cwmystwyth. 
Having looked at the 1891 census her father was Thomas Hughes and he was a lead miner, as was her grandfather Thomas Williams. 
They lived at The Mill, Pencnwych, Llanfihangel Y Croyddyn Upper.
Her mother was Sophia Hughes and in 1891 there were 4 daughters including my grandmother, Sophia Ellen, Margaret, Miriam and my grandmother Alice.
Having looked at your lovely website I see Thomas and Sophia are listed and a daughter Mary Hughes who is not mentioned in the 1891 census. 
Does anyone have any other information about my family at all?

Can you help please?


Michael Owen

January 2009

Have you any information about Tyn Coed, Llangoed?
I am interested in the history of Tyn Coed  and its past occupants. Tyn Coed is situated on the coastal path near Caim.  It has a lime stone quarry to its rear and a lime kiln a short distance away. The old farm buildings between it and the lime kiln are very interesting and believed to be from 14th/15th century. I would be please to receive any information about Tyn Coed including old photographs
Can you help please?

KD - Hugh Hughes, who died in 1828 aged 74, lived at Tyn Coed. He is buried in Penmon with his wife Elinor, died 1829 aged 77. John Rowland, their grandson of  Bryn Mawr, is buried with them He died in 1889, aged 83

Michael Ball

December 2008 
I noticed, with interest, your website with connections to Mary Tavy. I also have links with the village because Thomas Ball (1807 - 1878) was a Captain with the several of the lead mining companies. Also, one of his sons, Josiah Richards Ball, spent time in Spain learning about the mining industry.
I would be interested is knowing if you have come across the "Ball" name, or how to find additional information about the lead mining industry.

Can you help please?


October 2008

I have just spent a couple of hours going around your very interesting and informative site. 
My grandfather David Richard Williams family were from Anglesey [farmers] they moved to Liverpool after my great great grandfather was burnt to death in a barn fire. My great grandfather opened a tailors shop in Liverpool City centre.

My grandfather married my grandmother Elisabeth Selina Jones. Her family where from Bangor, though living in Liverpool at the time. Both my great grandparents were Welsh speaking.  

My Grandfather met and married my grandmother in Liverpool. His family settled around the Newsham Park area of Liverpool after the barn fire in Anglesey.
The reason I do not have much information is my grandfather was killed when he was installing the overhead lights on the East Lancashire road. Because of this we lost all contact with my Grandfathers family.
His sister Dorothy [I think] married a Hughes and lived in Newsham Park itself. I don't know what happened to his brother Thomas.

I don't have dates and this is what is causing the problem for me.My Grandfather must have died around about the twenties.

I was wondering if perhaps there would have been an article in the local newspaper .He must have been one off the first electricians. He was about thirty something when he died.
All our elders are dead now, except my auntie Eve, she is 88 but she only remembers a little. She was 10 years old when her father died. What I do know is the Williams were very creative people,wonderful artists,writers of poetry.And very religious.I was wondering if Thomas had joined the Church. My auntie does not remember him being married or having children. They were also very tall and gangly with wonderful sense of humour.
I really want to start my family tree. However, I don't know where to start.
Can you help please?
NB, I have advised Miriam of the basics for beginners, but can you help by identifying either David Richard Williams or Elisabeth Selina Jones?

Great site
Might this be Miriam's Selina?
I have a Selina Jones living with my Grt Grt Grandparents ( Edward Jones butcher b1797-8 Dyserth?)
Falkner St, Liverpool 1841
Im guessing she was his mother
If so I would like to contact her (Miriam) 
Many thanks
Continue the good work
Harry Denton
NZ Joneses via Liverpool
April 2014.
Thank you Harry. I've forwarded your message to Miriam. KD




Hello, I was really pleased to find this site.I used to go to Llanrwst for my holidays every year back in the 70's and watched Llanrwst Town often. I recall they played in red and white stripes then or am did I dream this ? I was also wondering how well the team did in the late 70's when I watched them.

Can you help please?

The Welsh Football Data Archive has the answer - please click here. The WFDA has a wealth of Welsh football history and is well worth a visit.




The current owners of Pen Y Fron Bach, would love to know something of its history and the people who have lived there. However, census returns show more than one Pen Y Fron in the area.
Can you help please?



I have in my possession a photo of Newtown Albion in 1913-14 as attached.I have searched the web but only come up with your team as named Newtown not Newtown Albion.Was the team once called Albion?

I presently live in Canada but my family comes from Bristol. I am not sure how this photo came into my families possession but believe it was passed down to me through my Mother or Fathers effects on their death.

Can you shed any light on this team?
Can you help please?

Thanks for this. I have found 2 Newtown Albions. One was 'our' Newtown Albion which beat Caersws 6-1 in the Welsh Cup in 1921-22 and then lost 2-1 to Llanidloes.

The other is a Newtown Albion which existed in 1892/93 but were playing in Cambridgeshire. From the evidence available in the photo, it is our opinion (just an opinion mind) that the photo does not relate to  Newtown, Powys.

Newtown Albion would have been one of a group of local clubs here, and it's unlikely therefore, that so many of those appearing in the photo were not in a kit. Additionally, Edgar Williams, former Newtown F.C. Captain, did not recognise any of the players or others. Some would have been known to him through other photos he has seen.

It seems that therefore the team is from Cambridgeshire.



You mention the Staples family in the Beuamaris Chronology (1820'). I would love to find out more about them and dearly wish I had a photograph of any of them.
Carey Alfred Staples married Rosalina Williams (my great great grandparents). She was the daughter of Owen Williams (born Penmon 1821). I don't have an address of where they lived but have been told it was believed to be a farmhouse which got destroyed by a fire at sometime.
Can you help please?

John Williams has responded to this request. Please see the TAN Y FRON and OTHER BEAUMARIS FAMILIES (Staples)links for further information.

John Pritchard

June 2008

I am the greatgrandson of William Pritchard Pilot at Penmon and Coxwain of the lifeboat. I have never seen a photograph of William until I saw the one on your excellent webpages.Any chance of a copy for my family records.William and his family were buried at the Priory.  
Can you help please?
Hi John, Sorry I have no e-mail address for you, to respond. Please contact me at
Thanks - Ken Davies


June 2008

Bill has come across a couple of cartoons drawn by a Charles Roberts of Penmon, in 1924.

Can anyone help identify the Charles Roberts concerned please? Could he be related to my Cae Merddyn Roberts? Thanks Bill for fowarding these.

1 "I'll surprise Maggie by spending a nice quiet evening at home"
2."How many times have I told you not to come to the parlour, get out of that chair, stop smoking"
3. "Get up stairs and put on your coat. What do you mean by going about in your socks"
4. "What's the time."

Can you help please? 


June 2008


I am trying to find information on my grandads brother.
Thomas Lewis Hughes was a Grocer at No.3 Castle Street Beaumaris, on the 1901 Census. He was married to Annie Jane Hughes.

I would like to find out their deaths and if they had any family.

Can you help please?


June 2008


I am looking for a John Williams who had land in or near Llanfair P.G./ Menai Bridge, who had sons, one of whom was called John David Williams and was a Methodist minister (born c. 1795). There may be connections to Llandegfan or Penmon, so I hope you don't mind me making use of your web-site.There are so many John Williams that it makes tracing one of them somewhat difficult!

Can you help please?

Sarah Roberts

June 2008

Does anyone know anything about George Fingland's (my grandfather) second wife? Margaret M.1872-1955.Buried in Penmon with Mary Jones1865-1940, & Ceri & Bessie,who lived in Caernarfon?

Can you help please?

Reply received from John Williams.

I think I can help Sarah Roberts with her questions about the second wife of George Fingland, as well as Mary, Ceri and Bessie Jones. The George Fingland story is closely linked with Tan y Fron. When he arrived in Penmon from Scotland as a young man to work at the quarry he lodged at Tan y Fron.
His second wife, Margaret M 1872 - 1955, was the daughter of Owen and Elizabeth Roberts.  Owen was a Black Point pilot and lifeboatman. His wife Elizabeth was a Williams from Tan y Fron.

Mary J Jones 1865 - 1940 was a sister of Margaret M Fingland. She became the second wife of John Jones, a slate enameller. 

John Jones was first married to Mary A (nee Williams) who was from Tan y Fron. She died in 1903 when her daughter Ceri 1902 - 1989 was a baby. Bessie 1906 - 1979 must have been the daughter of John and Mary J Jones. 

Neither Ceri nor Bessie married, and they lived together at a house called Gorddinog in Caernarvon, which I guess had been John Jones' house. In 1901 John Jones had been living in Bangor with his parents Edward and Jane Jones. His mother Jane was also a Williams from Penmon, from a gamekeeping and pilot family.  As a child I used to visit Ceri and Bessie Jones in Caernarvon. Bessie was a lovely old lady and very kind to me.  Somewhere I have a photo of Ceri and Bessie Jones. 

Perhaps it is also interesting to mention that in 1901 before they  were married Margaret M Fingland and Mary J Jones were living with their bachelor brother Owen in the Prison House in Caernarvon. He was the Principal Warder. 

I hope this will answer Sarah Roberts' questions, but I am happy to provide more detail if she would like

In return I am hoping that she can confirm that her grandmother Sarah Ann, the first wife of George Fingland, was the daughter of William and Elizabeth Williams of China House in Llangoed. If so, that is yet another connection with Tan y Fron, as William Williams' father was Rowland Williams of Minffordd, Llangoed, who was a brother of the Elizabeth Williams that married Owen Roberts, mentioned above. Assuming I am right in this assumption, both of his wives were related to Tan y Fron, where he had lodged when he first arrived in Penmon

I hope this will be of interest. Best regards.John Williams

Can you help John with his enquiry? 

Mel Erskine-

May 2008

I've been trying to find out about Charles Dickens
at Beaumaris. Apparently he is known to have stayed there -- they believe he may have stayed at a pub
in Beaumaris itself, the Old Bull Inn Castle Street in 1859.
He died in 1870, so it is very likely that he may have returned in other years and found accommodations at Penmon's cottages at Tros Yr Afon.
Perhaps there is more at the local history groups there.
I am also interested in the history of Tros yr Afon, Beaumaris.

Can you help please? 

Jane Ellis

April 2008

My great X 4 grandfather was a man named William Williams (1751-1828).  He had an interesting sounding career as the "Controller of Anglesey".  Essentially, he was the Customs and Excise agent for HM King George III.  He left a fair amount of property.  His son was the Rev. Robert Williams for St. Mary's and St. Nicholas, (1779-1826)His three younger, lifelong spinster sisters, Anne Jane, Margaret and Susannah-Elizabeth Williams,  had a number of properties left to them. 
One was in the centre of Beaumaris, between 33-38 Wexham Street, I believe. These three sisters also had properties referred to as being tenement farms in Llandonna, but which I think fell within the village of Penmon .  The names of these were: Ty Mawr (Big House?), and Ty Newydd (New House?) respectively

I note in your Census transcriptions that you have a Ty Newydd (with a series of Williams-es living there) and a Bryn Mawr.  Could these be one and the same?  If so, I'd be interested if anyone could tell me the history of these properties.

Further, my great-great grandfather, the Rev. Wm Lloyd Williams, b. Beaumaris 1808, died Llanberis 1873), had a brother named Robert Williams, who evidently sold him a share of his property in Llandonna referred to as "Tan y Bryn".  Would you happen to know anything about it?

Likewise, the widow of my third great grandad (the Rev. Robt Williams), whose name was Anne Elizabeth (nie Allen), 1781-1854, lived out her last two decades as a widow on a 50-acre portion of farmland in Llandegfan, referred to in the 1851 Census as "Pen-y-Park".  Is there any chance that this is the same as the Pen Park or Penmon Park that is refer to in this website?  I'd be interested to know.

Can you help please?


I.J. Platts

April 2008 

As a child I holidayed in Anglesey and I recall a murder in Red Wharf Bay in the late 40s. Can you shed any light on this?
Can you help please?

Reply received from Ian Garland; I remember my father talking about this, as Red Wharf Bay was a favourite place of his. Anyway, I did a bit of research and found that there was indeed a killing there in a cottage in 1945. A man from Ashton under Lyne called Albert Arthur Nettleton killed his wife Ivy. He must have buried her in the sands and the tides uncovered the body. She was found on 29 October 1945 and he was charged on 1 November 1945.  The trial took place in early 1946 and heard that he'd hit her with an iron. (By the sounds of things, she was a bit  neutrotic/mental). The charge was reduced to manslaughter and he got five years, later reduced to three. I can always remember my Dad telling me that the tides shifted the sands and uncovered the body. 

George Dawson writes;  I came up with this site when I Googled "murder Red Wharf Bay."
I had a holiday in 1947 when I was 3, staying in Llandegfan at a house which I think was the local vicarage. I remember a trip to Red Wharf Bay "so that my aunties and Mum could see the murder cottage!"
They got stuck in the mud and lost their sandals to which my father said served them right. This became a family story and I wondered what the actual facts were. Now I know - so many thanks.

Eric Roberts

April 2008


Cae Merddyn, where my family lived on Penmon, was a property within the Bulkeley estate and rented from the Bulkeley family estate.
I remember my father saying that his father Charles Goodman Roberts, was a gardener at the Bulkeley mansion,  Baron Hill. Parallel to the main road from Menai Bridge to Penmon, there was a high stone wall behind which Charles had planted Poplar Tree shrubs. I wonder if they are still there?
Can you help please?


Edith Owen

April 2008

I was wondering if you could help me. I have been told by family members that our family tree can be traced back to Prince Llywelyn. My mother's maiden name was Williams, her father's name was Richard David d.o.b. 1877 he was the youngest of 12 children. His parents were David born 1825 in Llantwit Major and Frances Price born 1832 in Llanmaes Llantwit Major. David's parents John born 1799 in Lanblethian Glamorgan and Sina Jones born 1805 in Ystradowen Glamorgan. John's parents were called Thomas and Eleanor but I don't have any dates for them.
I have seen the Llywelyn tree on your site and thought you might be able to help.
Can you help please?


April 2008

I have been very interested in your web site. 
There is a plaque in a wall of a church in Anglesea, Parish of Westmoreland, Jamaica to a Rowland Williams of Penmon which is undated but could be c 1700.  There seems to be too much of a coincidence that this Rowland or his forebears might have gone to Jamaica from Penmon.  Do you know if there is anyone with a Williams from Penmon Genealogy as I would like to have got in touch?
The letter regarding the Rowland Williams (see PENMON NOSTALGIA - A letter from 1890) and the church I believe is a little muddled as the Williams of Anglesea who owned the plantation when the slaves got their freedom was one Joseph Stone Williams and he left the estate to my 3xgt grandfather Theodore who was vicar of Hendon. Theodore and Joseph were brothers and a Rowland William's gt gt grandsons.
Can you help please?