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1841 Head of Household
1851 Head of Household
1861 Head of Household
1871 Head of Household
1881 Head of Household
1891 Head of Household
1901 Head of Household

The Battle of Llanfaes AD 817
Llanfaes Blacksmiths
Llanfaes Almshouses
Kingsbridge Great War Trenches
1923 Western Electoral Division
Parish of Llanfaes

1841 Head of Household
Tanymount; Margaret Roberts, 25 bath keeper
Fryers, Jane Roberts,  30, farm servant
Fryers, Richard Williams, 25, gardener
Tanylone, David Williams 40, agricultural labourer
Tanylone, Hugh Williams, 45, agricultural labourer
Tanylone, Robert Jones, 60, agricultural labourer
Tanylone, Robert Owen, 45, agricultural labourer
Tanylone, Owen Jones, 40, agricultural labourer 
Tanylone, John Owen, 25, agricultural labourer
Tanylone, Edward Williams, 40, agricultural labourer
Tanylone, Mr Williams, 44, agricultural labourer
Tanylone, Elizabeth Owen, 65, pauper
Tanylone, John Roberts, 45, agricultural labourer

Tyddyn y gwynt, Catherine Jones, 50, farmer
Llanfaes Farm, Hugh Hughes, 50, farmer
Llanfaes Nuoydd, Elizabeth Hughes, 30, pauper
Llanfaes Nuoydd, Ann Jones, 75, pauper
Caur Person, John Rowland, 35, wheelwright
Bodfa, Richard Williams, 80, agricultural labourer
Gyfynis, Humphrey Francis, 25, agricultural labourer

Village of Llanfaes;
John Lloyd, 35, agricultural labourer
Richard Thomas, 30, blacksmith

Cichley, James Lewis, 28, Independent (means)
Cichley, Thomas Owen, 40, farmer

Village of Llanfaes
Richard Roberts, 50, army p(ensioner?)
John Hughes, 70, weaver
Richard Parry, 25, agricultural labourer

Tyn y felin, John Owen, 32, gardener
Ty Bach, William Morris, 40, agricultural labourer
Nant Bach, Richard Owen, 35, agricultural labourer
Nant, Mary Jones, 52, Independent (means)
Nant barn, William Rowland, 30, agricultural labourer
Tower Hill, Owen Parry, 30, farmer
Tower Hill, Hugh Williams, 20, agricultural labourer
Bodgulchad, William Jones, 50, farmer
Stone House, William Prichard, 87 (?) Independant (means)
Ty Newydd, John Rowlands, 45, agricultural labourer

William Thomas, 65 Independent (means)
John Lazarus, 74, weaver
John Roberts, 54, Independent (means)
Mary Williams, 87, Independent (means)
Mary Jones, 70, Independent (means)
Owen Roberts, 65, army p(ensioner)
John Hughes, 30, agricultural labourer
William Morris, 70, Independent (means)
John Owen, 55, Independent (means)
Richard Robinson, 20, copper miner
Hugh Roberts, 50, Independent (means)
William Lewis, 60, Independent (means)

Baron Hill, owner absent.
Baron Hill Lodge, John Parry, 35, agricultural labourer
Henllys, Richard Hughes, 30, agricultural labourer
Henllys Cottage, Richard Roberts, 35, male servant
Corn Coch, William Kirkham, 55, mariner
Corn Coch, Hugh Edwards, 25, agricultural labourer
Baron Hill Lodge, John Owen, 79, Independent (means)
Penywal, John Lewis, 40, agricultural labourer
Henllys lone, Edward Thomas, 84, agricultural labourer


1851 Head of Household
Tan y Mount, Eleanor Roberts, widow, 66 bathing house holder, born Llandegfan
Fryars Jodge, Owen Parry, married, 30, gardener, born Llanedwan
Fryars, Joseph Telford, married, 60, forester, born Liverpool

Tynlone Cottages,
Sidney Owen, widower, 66, pauper, born Llandona
Hugh Williams, married, 58, farm labourer, born Llangristiolys
Robert Owen, married, 55, labourer, born Bodedern
Robert Jones, married, 74, labourer, born Llansantffraid
Thomas Hughes, married, 59, labourer, born Llangoed
William Hughes, married, 49, labourer, born Llanfaes
Richard Roberts, married, 70, Chelsea Pensioner, born Llandrygarn
Thomas Hughes, married, 30, labourer, born Beaumaris 

Llanfaes Cottages;
Hugh Hughes, married, 20, labourer, born Llangoed
John Williams, widower, 52, labourer, born Llangristiolys
Catherine Roberts, widow, char woman, born - not known

Tyddyn y gwynt, Catherine Jones, widow, 55, farming 41 acres, born Llangeinwen
Llanfaes Farm, William Griffith, married, farming 70 acres, born Penymynydd
Llanfaes Uchaf, Thomas Hughes, unmarried, 26, farm bailaif, Llangefni
Caerperson, Mary Owen, widow, 43, pauper, born Llaniestyn
Caerperson Cottage,
Richard Owen, widower, 64, labourer, born Llanfaes
Thomas Williams, married, 34, labourer, born Llanfair
William Roberts, married, 27, labourer, born Gyffin
Morris Hughes, married, 36, labourer, born Holyhead
John Rowlands, married, 47, joiner, born Llaniestyn

Cichley, James Dalton Lewis, unmarried, 30, Landed Proprietor, born Llanfair
Bodfa, David Williams, married, 52, labourer, born Llangristiolys
Gyfynes, Thomas Francis, unmarried, land bailaif, born Llangristiolys
Crichley Farm, Robert Hughes, married, farming 20 acres, born Bangor
Smithy, Richard Thomas, married, 43 blacksmith, born Llanfihangel

Llanfaes Cottage,
Hugh Edwards, married, 36, labourer, born Pontraeth
Margaret Williams, widow, 44, pauper, born Llaniestyn
Richard Hughes, married, 42, land bailaif, born Llangoed
Mary Hughes, unmarried, 41, char woman, born Beaumaris
Richard Parry, married, 25, labourer, born Penmon
John Thomas, married, 42, labourer, born Llaniestyn
John Davis, married, 32, groom at Henllys, born Llanfaes

Nant Bach, Ann Owen, widow, 71, pauper, born Llangwyllog
Nant Barn, William Rowlands, married, 30, labourer, born Amlwch
Towerhill, owners away
Bodgulchad, William Lewis, married, 60, farming 160 acres, born Penmynydd

William Lewis, widower, 70, annuitant, tanner, born Llantrisaint
Hugh Roberts, married, 43, annuitant, labourer, born Garedog
Owen Jones, widower, 70, annuitant, labourer, born Caidlo
William Morris, widower, 82, annuitant, stone mason, born Caidlo
Owen Roberts, widower, 80, Chelsea Pensioner, born Pentraeth
John Hughes, married, 46, labourer, born Beaumaris
Mary Jones, widow, 76, pauper, born Llandysilio
Mary Hughes, widow, 58, gardeners messenger, born Llanfaes
John Roberts, married, 63, annuitant and shoemaker, born Llangynfaraedd
John Lazarus, widower, 23,annuitant, weaver, born Llangynfaraedd
Watkin Jones, married, 78, annuitant, labourer, born Caidlo
Richard Jones, married, 66, annuitant, labourer, born Llantrisaint

Baron Hill, owners away
Henllys Cottage, Richard Roberts, married, 55, waiter, born Llantysilio
Baron Hill Lodge, Thomas Roberts, married, 26, gardener. born Beaumaris

Introduction to my great, great, great grandfather, Goodman Roberts who married Catherine Jones on New Year's Day 1816 and their son   Thomas Goodman Roberts. He lived at Baron Hill Lodge in 1851 and worked as a gardener for the Bulkeley family at Baron Hill. Meet his children.
(click here to visit his page) 

Henllys, St John Charlton, marriedm 53, Army Captn, born Taunton
Baron Hill Lodge, Catherine Owen, widow, 88, lodge keeper, Llanfaes 
One house uninhabited
One house building

  1861 Head of Household

Tyn y Lon
Catherine Roberts, widow, 67, formerly labourer's wife, born Menai Bridge
John Williams, married, 65, agricultural labourer, born Llangristiolus
Robert Jones, married, 85, pauper, born Llansantffriad
Lewis Williams, married, 46, husbandman, born Llaniestyn
Hugh Hughes, married, 38, agricultural labourer, born Llangoed
Margaret Roberts, widow, 71, pauper, born Llanfaes
Ellen Jones, widow, 67, pauper, born Llanerchymedd
Thomas Hughes, widower, 69, agricultural labourer, born Llangoed
Margaret Owen, widow, 70, pauper, born Rylchad
Hugh Williams, married, 67, agricultural labourer, born Llangristiolus
John Williams, married, 35, agricultural labourer, born Llangoed
Tyddyn Gwynt, Catherine Jones, widow, farmer, born Llangeinwen
Friars Thomas Ishmael, married, 36, born Beaumaris
Henllys Lodge, Richard Roberts, married, 62, under butler, born Bangor
Baron Hill Lodge, Henry Jones, married, 37, gardener, born Beaumaris
Baron Hill R.W. Bulkeley, married, 59, baronet, born St Marylebone
Henllys, J. L. Hampton Lewis, married, 62, military, born Hersham
Ty Bach, Thomas Owen, married 50, husbandman, born Llanddona

Llanfaes Village;
Margaret Williams, widow, 63, formerly labourer's wife, born Llaniestyn
Hugh Edwards, married, 46, farmer, born Llandegfan
John Evans, married, 26, blacksmith, born Llangefni
John Thomas, married, 52, agricultural labourer, born Llaniestyn
Hugh Roberts, married, 34, agricultural labourer, born Aberffraw
Richard Williams, married, 38, coachman, born Sutton
Cichle, W.P. Lewis, unmarried, 47 M.R. L.S Eng L.S.S.A. (?) London, born Llanfaes
Cichle, Rowland Williams, 50, farmer, born Llaniestyn
Cichle Mill, John Hughes, married, 67, mill occupier, born Llandyfnan
Gynfynys, Thomas Humphreys, servant, 37, husbandman, born Llangristiolus
Llanfaes farm, John Owen, married, 31, farmer, born Llaniestyn

Richard Jones, married, 76, agricultural labourer, born Llantrisant
Hugh Roberts, married, 72, agricultural labourer, born Gwredog
John Hughes, married, 55, gardener, born Llanfaes
Richard Davies, married, 42, carter, born Llanfihangel
John Owen, umarried, 73, pauper, born Llantrisant
one unoccupied
Robert Owen, married, 52, agricultural labourer, born, Ceido
Robert Jones, widower, 85, pauper shoemaker, born Ceido
John Roberts, widow, 74, shoemaker, born Llechgefnfadog
William Hughes, married, 72, agricultural labourer, born Llechgefnfadog
Messula Jones, married, 50, agricultural labourer, born Llantrisant
William Hughes, married, 47, born Llanfaes

Bodfa, Ellen Jones, widow, 40, pauper, born Ceidio
Tower Hill, Richard Williams, servant, 26, husbandman, born Newborough
Bryn Bella, Lewis Parry, widower, 36, house carpenter, born Llanedwen
Bodgylchau, Margaret Lewis, widow, 55, farmer, born Llangaffo
Nant Bach, Ann Owen, widow, 45, pauper, born Llangwyllog
Llanfaes Newydd, Hugh Hughes, married, 45, husbandman, born Llanddona

Cae Person;
Richard Owen, widower, 57, agricultural labourer, born Llanfaes
Robert Williams, married, 60, agricultural labourer, born Penmon
David Williams. widower, agricultural labourer, born Llangristilous
Richard Roberts, married, 52, agricultural labourer, born Bodfaen
Richard Parry, married, 49, agricultural labourer, born Penmon
John Rowlands, widower, 57, house carpenter, born Llaniestyn

Tan y Mount, uninhabited
Friars, uninhabited
Llanfaes Cottage, John Patrick, married, gardener, born Hull Holy Trinity
Wilson Castle, Anthony Wilson, married 68, fisherman, born Newborough


1871 Head of Household
Baron Hill, Richard B. W. Bulkeley, marr, 69, baronet and landowner, born St Marylebone
Tyddyn y Gwynt, William Jones, unmarried, 43, farmer 50 acres, born Beaumaris
Henllys,John I.L. Hampton Lewis, married, 72, I.L. D. L. Alderman, Mayor of Anglesey, born Hersham
Henllys Lower Lodge, Henry Lee, married, 36, gardener, born Hilton
Henllys Upper Lodge, Joseph Williams, married 29, coachman, born Ruthin
Baron Hill Lodge, Elizabeth Lloyd, widow, 49, lodge keeper, born Beaumaris

Nant, Michael Roberts, married, 40, agricultural labourer, born Llaneugrad
Bryn Bella, Lewis Parry, widower, 46, wheelwright, born Llanidam
Cichley, William P. Lewis, unmarried, G.P. L.S. Apollo, London, born Llanfaes
Cichley Mill, Mary Grey, 23, father a house keeper, born Llanfair
Gyfynws, William Roberts, unmarried, 35, farm bailiff, born Amlwch
Ty Bach, Thomas Owen, married, 63, agricultural labourer, born Llanddona
Cichley Farm, Rowland Williams, married, 63, agricultural labourer, born Llaniestyn
Bodgylchau, uninhabited

Frayars, John Rowlands, servant, married, 52, butler, born Worcestershire
Tower Hill, John Williams,married, 47 farm bailiff, born Llanrhychlach

Tyn Lon Cottages;
Thomas Hughes, widower, 79, labourer, born Llangoed
Hugh Hughes, married, 48, gardener, born Llangoed
Catherine Roberts, widow, 78, formerly labourers wife, born Menai Bridge
Margaret Roberts, widow, 80, formerly veteran soldiers wife, born Llanfaes
Ellen Morris, widow, 78, formerly quarrymans wife, born Llanerchymedd
Thomas Jones, married, 36, agricultural labourer, born Llangoed
Hugh Williams, married 77, agricultural labourer, born Llanfaes
Lewis Williams, married, 51, agricultural labourer, bornLlaniestyn
Richard Parry, married, 55, agricultural labourer, born Penmon
Ellen Williams, widow, needle woman, born Llanfaes

Brynhyfryd, John Roberts, married, 59, retired builder, born Llanfihangel
Anthonys Castle, Henry Jones, married, gardener and fisherman, born Llanfaes,
Llanfaes Cottage
1, Mary Edwards, widow, 64, formerly famer's wife, born Llaniestyn
2, John Evans, married, 32, blacksmith, born Llangristiolus
3, Margaret Williams, widow, formerly labourer's wife, born Llaniestyn
4, Richard Griffith, married, 68, labourer, born Llanffridan
5, Richard Billwood, married, coachman, born Sutton
    John Thomas, married, 62, agricultural labourer, born Llaniestyn
6, Hugh Roberts, married, 45, gardener, born Aberffraw

1, Jane Hughes, widow, 56 formerly labourers wife, born Gwalchmai
2, Owen Heams, married, agricultural labourer, born Anglesy
3, Richard Davies, married, 37, carter, born Llanfihangel
4, John Thomas, unmarried, 72, agricultural labourer, born Llechygefarwydd
5, Hugh Roberts, married, 84, formerly stone mason, born Gwredog
6, Hugh Davies, widower, 73, agricultural labourer, born Llechygefarwydd
7, Robert Owen, widower, 60, labourer, born Llanor

Cae Person, John Rowlands, widower, 69, house carpenter, born Llaniestyn
Llanfaes Newydd, Owen Thomas, married, 52, farmer, borm Penrhos
Llanfaes Farm, John Owen, widower, 41, farmer 85 acres, bornLlaniestyn
Cae Person Cottage,
1,  Evan Williams, married, 21, shoemaker, born Abergele
2, Owen Williams, married, 22, labourer, born Gaerwen
3, Richard Roberts, married, 44, labourer, born Pwllheli
4, Robert Williams, married, 75, labourer, born Penmon
5, William Owen, married, 39, farm labourer, born Llanfaes
Bodfa, uninhabited
1881 Head of Household
Cae Person Cottage,
Richard Hughes, married, 47, mason, born Llangoed
Owen Williams, married, 73, agricultural labourer, born Llandyfrydog
Jane Davies, unmarried, 54, dressmaker, born Llangoed
Richard Roberts, maried, 40, agricultural labourer, born Pwllheli
Hughes, married, 29, agricultural labourer, born Llangoed

Llanfaes Newydd, Owen Thomas, married, 64, farmer 20 acres, born Bodafon
Llanfaes Farm, Hugh Hughes, married, 54, farmer 86 acres, born Beaumaris

On the 2nd of May 1881,  John Hughes, Llanfawr Farm, in the parish of Llanfaes, was convicted at Menai Bridge for driving a cart without reins. Ordered to pay 1/- plus 8/6 costs.

John, 26, born in Llaniestyn, was the son of Hugh (54) and Catherine Hughes (54), Llanfaes Farm. His siblings were; Thomas 29, Richard 21, Jane 18, William 16, and twins Robert and Rowland 11. Johns' grandfather, John Williams 85, widowed, and a retired farmer born in Bangor, was also living at Llanfaes Farm.

Cae Person, John Rowlands, widower, 77, joiner, born Bangor
Tyddyn Gwynt, William Jones, married, 52, farmer 49 acres, born Beaumaris

Tyn Lon Cottages
1, uninhabited
2, Thomas Jones, married, 46, agricultural labourer, born Llangoed
3, Lewis Williams, married, 60, agricultural labourer, born Llaniestyn
4, Hugh Hughes, widower, 58, gardener, born Llangoed
5, Owen Williams, married, 39, agricultural labourer, born Anglesey
6, Thomas Griffith, married, 27, tailor, born Beaumaris
7, Richard Lloyd, married, 29, coachman, born Beaumaris
8, Richard Parry, married, 65, coachman, born Llanfaes
9, Ellen Williams, unmarried, 87, formerly cook, born Penmon
10, Ruth Williams, unmarried, 51, charring woman, born Llanfaes

Brynhyfryd, Ellen Hampton, widow, 74, widow of Col Hampton, born India
Brynhyfryd, uninhabited - Captain Lloyd from home at London
Friar's Weir, Margaret Evans, widow, 25, formerly housemaid, born Llanfaes
Baron Hill Lodge, Richard Davies, married, 62, agricultural labourer, born Anglesey
Henllys Upper Lodge, John Owen, married, 32, under gardener, born Holyhead
Tybach Llanfaes Village, William Jones, married, 33, carter, born Beaumaris

Llanfaes Village
William Owen, married, 50, gardener's labourer, born Llanfaes
Robert Thomas, married, 23, gardener, born Llangefni
Michael Thomas, married, 59, cowman, born Llangefni
Richard Bellwood, married, 56, coachman, born Thirsk
John Thomas, married, 71, agricultural labourer, born Llaniestyn
Richard Griffith, married, 78, agricultural labourer, born Llanfinnan
John Jones, married, 77, agricultural labourer, born Llanbedrgoch  

Mary Baker, unmarried, 40, born Liverpool
Cichley, W. P. Lewis, unmarried, 66, G.P. born Llanfaes
Cichley, Thomas Rowlands, married, 38, agricultural labourer, born Llaniestyn
Cichley Mill Cottage, Richard Williams, married, 43, corn miller, born Llanddona
Gyfynys, William Roberts, unmarried, 46, farmer 70 acres, born Amlwch
Bryn Bella, Lewis Parry, widower, 55, joiner, born Beaumaris
Tower Hill, Ebenezer Owen, married, 47, farmer 107 acres, born Anglesey
Bodgylchad, John Owen, married, 56, farmer 160 acres, born Llanfihangel
Friars House, Henry Jones, married, 57, gardener, born Llanfaes

Baron Hill, Sir R. Williams Bulkeley, married, 47, born London
Henllys, T. L. Hampton Lewis, married, 46, Lt Col Anglesey Militia, Mayor of Beaumaris, born Llanfaes
Henllys Lower Lodge, Henry See, married, 46, gardener, born Hilton
1, Robert Roberts, married, 38, agricultural labourer, born Llanddona
2, Jane Hughes, married, 66, formerly ag. labourer's wife, born Aberffraw
3, Hugh Roberts, married, 61, agricultural labourer, born Llantrisant
4, John Davies, widower, 80, agricultural labourer, born Anglesey
5, Owen Eames, married, 27, agricultural labourer, born Llanfaes
6, uninhabited
7, uninhabited
8, uninhabited

Cefn, Adam Thompson, married, 34, gamekeeper, born Scotland 
Corn Mill, uninhabited
Ladies Bathing place, Beaumaris beach, uninhabited
Watch House, uninhabited
Beaumaris Green in the parish of Llanfaes, house uninhabited
1891 Head of Household
The Friars, Harriet I. Cotteer, single, 36, housekeeper, born Peel, Isle of Man
The Friars Stables, John Jones, married, 44, gardener, born Beaumaris
Bryn Hyfryd, Martha Pritchard, widow, 82, own means, no place of birth recorded 

Tyn Lon
No 1 uninhabited
No 2 Richard Lloyd, married, 38, gardener, born Beaumaris
No 3 John Jones, married, 35, farm labourer, born Bodffordd
No 4 Ruth Williams, single, 61, born Llanfaes
No 5 Margaret Parry, widow, 79, born Llanelian
No 6 John Thomas Jones, single, 24, groom, born Llanfihangel

Tyddyn y Gwynt, William Jones,married, 63, farmer, born Beaumaris
Camp Field, John Weigh married, 49, Sgt Royal Engineers, born Fillongley
Cichle, Robert Roberts, married, 48, farmer, born Llechigwenyfarwyd
Nant, Joseph Ball, married, 65, dairy man, born Thornton
Cichle Blas, Margaret Lewis, single, 75, own means, born Llanfaes
Cichle Mill, Richard Williams, married, 51, born Llandona
Gyfynys, William Roberts, single, 57, farmer, born Amlwch
No 4 Cottage, Jane Owens, widow, washerwoman, born Rhoscolyn
No 3 Cottages, John Jones, married, 51 carter, born Llanfair P.G.
Ponty, Lachan McNeil, married, 31, shepherd, born Scotland
Tyn Llan, John Hughes, married, slate quarryman, born Llandeiniolen

Ty Uchaf, Owen Roberts, married, 27, farm labourer, born Bodffordd
Ty Bellwood, Bernard W. Dix, married, 21, domestic servant, born Alton Towers
Ty'n Llan Uchaf, Michael Thomas, married, 68, stone breaker, born Llangefni
Ty Bach, Henry Hughes, married, 30, labourer, born Llaniestyn
Henllys Lodge, Henry See, married, 56, gardener, born Hilton
Parish Church
Henllys, Charles Donaldson-Hudson, married, 51, own means, born Wigton (lunatic)
Curiosity Lodge, John Owen, married, 40, gardener, born Holyhaed
Baron Hill East Lodge, Jane Davies, widow, Lodge Keeper, born Amlwch
Baron Hill, Richard H. Williams Bulkeley, married, 28, own means, born London
Bryn Bela, Lewis Parry, widower, 63, farmer, born Llandona
Bodgylched, William U. Griffith, married, 49, farmer, born Llanfair PG
Baron Hill, Baillif's House, Allan Thompson, married, 43, estate baillif, born Scotland

No 1, Elizabeth Hughes, single 65, poultry dealer, born Ireland
No 2, Robert Roberts, married, 47, labourer, born Llandona
No 3, uninhabited
No 4, Jane Powell, widow, 44, born Meol Tryfan
No 5, Catherine Roberts, widow, 79, place of birth not known
No 6, Thomas Jones, married, 31, carter, born Holyhead
No 7, uninhabited
No 8, uninhabited
No 9. uninhabited

Tower Hill, Elizabeth Owen widow, 54 farmer, born Llanfair 
The Vicarage, No one at home
Ty Tawel, David Hughes, married, 36, blacksmith, born  Llaniestyn
Tre Castle Lodge, William Thomas, married, 36, born Llandegfan
Tre Castle, Sarah Williams, widow, 59, own means, born London
Rhos Cottage, Emma Williams, widow, 68, born Llanbedrgoch
Rhos Farm, Hugh Lloyd, single, 63, farmer, born Llangoed

1901 Head of Household
Baron Hill, Owner away
Baron Hill, Keepers Lodge, Robert Thompson, married, 42, game keeper, born Scotland
Baron Hill, Keepers Lodge, Adam Thompson, married, 51, Estate Baillif, born Scotland

Read about the Bulkeley family and find out who worked there
during the census years     

Owen Hughes, married, 36, farm labourer, born Liverpool
John Hughes, married, 46, quarryman, born Caernarfonshire
Mission Room, no service
Jane Powell, widow, 54, born Moel Tryfan
William Hughes, married, 51, farm labourer, born Llanddona
Griffith Evans, married, 63, farm labourer, born Rhosybol
Mary Jones, widow, 42, born Llansadwrn

Bodgylched, William Morris Griffith, widower, 58, farmer, born Penmynydd
Bryn Glas, John Owen, married, 39, farmer, born Llanfaes
Ffordd deg Bach, Mary Morris, widow, 75, farmer, born Llaniestyn
Bryn Esgail, Evan Owen, single, 42, farmer, born Llaniestyn

Refail Sling, Edward Owen, married, 49, blacksmith, born Penrhoslligwy
Thomas Griffith, married, 49, tailor, born Beaumaris
William Jones, married, 32, quarryman - miner, born Llangoed
Thomas Henry Williams, married, 25, carter on farm, born Staffordshire
Thomas Ellis, married, 46, quarry labourer, born Llaniestyn

Bryn Bella, Margaret Parry, widow, 56, farmer, born Bethesda
Tower Hill, Ebenezer Owen, married, 62, farmer, born Llansadwrn
Tower Hill, Robert Williams, married, 45, farm labourer, born Llangefni
Cae Mawr, Francis Hughes,married, 33, farmer, born Cerrigceinwen
Coed Carw, Robert Owen, widower, 60, gamekeeper, born Pentraeth
Cefn llech, John Owens, single, 47, born Llanllechid

Carwad, Hugh Oliver, single, 50, farmer, born Llaniestyn
Penybryn, John Williams, single, 80, farmer, born Llanfair PG
Tan y Coed, Sydney Owen, widower, 52, farmer, born Trefriw
Cichle Mill, William Jones, widower, 73, miller, born Penmynydd
Camp Field, William Joseph Bullen, married, 42, Sergeant R.E., born Chatham
Cichle Plas, owner away
Cichle, Robert Roberts, married, 60, farmer, born Llachgenfaredd
Coed Bach, Levi Roberts, married, 33, gamekeeper, born Llandegfan

Nant, Thomas Rowlands, married, 59, farm baillif, born Llaniestyn
Henllys, Thomas Lewis Hampton Lewis, married, 66, Hon. Col. R.A.R.E. Militia, born Llanfaes
Curiosity Lodge, John Owen, married, 49, gardener, born Holyhead
Baron Hill Lodge, Joseph Ball, married, 78, working on the droves, born Thornton-le-Moors
Henllys Lodge, Henry Seer, married, 66, Baillif, born Hilton
Ty Bach, David Jones, married, 47, stone quarry labourer, born Beaumaris

The Cottage, William Owen Griffiths, married, 33, gardener - domestic, born Beaumaris
The Cottage, John Owen, married, odd man at Henllys, born Llansadwrn
Ty Uchaf, Richard Williams, married, 26, farm baillif, born Llaniestyn
Ty Refail, Donald McDonald, maried, 45, coachman, born Scotland
Tynllan Cottage, Ann Thomas, widow, 70, bornTregaian
Bryn Hyfryd, Ellen Pritchard, single, 56, living on own means, born Llangwyllog
Bodgylched, William M. Griffith, widower, 58, farmer, born Penmynydd

Tyn Lon Cottages
Richard Lloyd, married, 48, gardener, born Beaumaris
Owen Roberts, single, 20 groom, born Newborough
John Jones,, married, 47, cowman, born Heneglwys
Ruth Williams, single, 71, born Llanfaes
Richard Jones, married, 23, quarryman limestone, born Llangoed

Brynhyfryd Stables, John Thomas, 46, coachman, born Llangwyllog
The Vicarage, John David Jones, married, 29, Clergyman C. of England, born Talley
Tyddyn Gwych, William Jones, married 74, farmer, born Beaumaris
Gored Bach, John Girling, married, 60, fisherman, born Brightlingsea 

The Friars (mansion), James H. Burton, married, 44, own means, born Pendleton
Rhos, Hugh Lloyd, widower, 73, farmer, born Llangoed
Tre Castell (mansion), Mark A. Hepworth, married, 55, own means, born Burton
Tre Castell Lodge, Griffith Owen married, 36, gardener, born Llangoed
Ty Tawel, John Roberts, married, 32, quarryman limestone, born Bodffordd


The Battle of Llanfaes
AD 817

In 817, Egbert, who ruled in Wessex from 802-839, invaded North Wales and Anglesey, and fought a great battle at Llanfaes in which he defeated the Welsh.

The field of battle lay between Llanfaes Village and the ancient tower of Tre'r Castell, which was once famous for its inexhaustible mead cellar.

Tre'r Castell was a fortified house, the residence, in the time of Edward I, of Sir Tudur ap Gronw ap Tudur Fychan of the royal house of North Wales. The farm of Tre'r Castell now lies near the shore.

After the battle of Llanfaes, Anglesey lay for a while under the heel of the Saxons, but was soon afterwards freed by Merfyn Frych, who, in the 9th century, was King of the Isle of Man.

 Llanfaes Blacksmiths

The Smithy in 1929

Received this most interesting request from
Stuart McGill. KD

First of all, thank you and well done for It is a most useful and informative site and must (and still will do) take up considerable time and effort.
I am trying to find any history I can regarding The Old Smithy, Llanfaes, Near Beaumaris.
We have owned this property as a family for about 25 years but have very little history.
It was built in 1811 and has the initials HLM, but should read H I M over the front door. It was convered to a house (we think) in about the 1970s.

Presumeably as the blacksmith will have lived in the cottage long before this, the family will be have been recorded on the Census at the time?
Many thanks in advance for any help you can give.
Kind regards
Stuart McGill.

Who was H I M,
incorrectly shown as H L M?

The Smithy was built in 1811.

The village blacksmith before the census records were completed was William Owen.  He was married to Mary (nee Hughes). He died in 1837 and Mary went on to marry Richard Thomas the next blacksmith in the village! 
I'm not sure if they lived at the Smithy though, it seems they were in Ty'n Lon, Llanfaes.
Their children were baptised in Capel Ty Rhys, the MC chapel. 
Jane Owen was born 30 December 1832 and Catherine 4 April 1836.
(I am very grateful to Catrin Manel for the above information. KD)

The 1841 census for Llanfaes shows Richard Thomas as the village blacksmith.

1841 Llanfaes Village
Richard Thomas 30, blacksmith, Mary Thomas 30, William Thomas 11, Jane thomas 8 and Richard Thomas 2.
All were born in the county of Anglesey 

The Smithy appears on the 1847 title map and was part of the Henllys Estate.

The property is called The Smithy in 1851.

1851 The Smithy
Richard Thomas 43, blacksmith, born Llanfihangel, Mary Thomas 38, born Llangoed, Richard Thomas 12, Hugh Thomas 10, Ann Thomas 6, Mary Thomas, 4 and E 1, all born in Llanfaes. 

John Evans had taken over the role of blacksmith by 1860, and the property has reverted to being called part of Llanfaes Village according to the census.

1861 Llanfaes Village
John Evans, 26, blacksmith, born Llangefni, Jane Evans 35, Owen Evans 2 months, both born Bangor, Jane Ann Evans, 11 months, Llanfaes,  Benjamin Roberts, 17, blacksmiths apprentice, born Llanfair, and Mary Ann Roberts 12, domestic servant, born Llanllyfni. 

John's birthplace seems to have a more accurate birthplace in 1871.

1871 Llanfaes Village
John Evans 32, blacksmith, born Llangristiolus, Jane Evans, wife, 42, born Bangor, Owen L Evans, 12, born Bangor, Jane Ann Evans, 11, Benjamin Evans, 9, John Evans, 7, all born Llanfaes, William Elias 18, journeyman blacksmith, born Menai Bridge. 

The 1881 census of Llanfaes does not show a blacksmith living there. John Evans and his wife had moved to live at Taldrwst in Llangoed, where he is recorded as being a farmer of 11 acres and a blacksmith.

1881 Llanfaes Village
Shows no blacksmiths in residence. Nowhere is recorded as a Smithy. 

David Hughes became the blacksmith around 1885/6. His home is called Ty Tawel, situated next to the vicarage.

1891 Ty Tawel
David Hughes is recorded as the blacksmith, aged 36, born in Llaniestyn, his wife Mary Ann is 36, born in Llanddona, children Mary Jane Hughes is 8, Hugh Hughes, 7, both born in Llangoed, Ann Ellin Hughes 5 and Robert William Hughes is 3, both born in Llanfaes. 

A Victorian Blacksmith
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1901 Ty Refail
Ty Refail and St Catherine's Church
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Donald McDonald. recorded as married, but his wife was not at home on census night, was aged 45 and worked as a coachman. His 14 year old son John was a Pony Boy - domestic. Both are recorded as born in Scotland.

The Polling List for Llanfaes in 1923, shows a "David and Jane Jones" living at Ty Refail, Llanfaes, and "Haley, George & Margaret Bentley & Ernest R", living at Ty Tawel, the former residence of a Llanfaes blacksmith.

The Smithy, Llanfaes
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The 13th July 1950 saw the sale of various properties belonging to the Henllys Estate. These included the following properties in Llanfaes; Mansion House, Llanfaes Lodge,Church Gate Cottage, Smithy Cottage, Garden Cottage, Church Cottage, and Henllys.  

Thomas Jones, a farm labourer of Yr Efail, Llanfaes, Beaumaris, died on the 13th June 1953. His name appears in the London Gazette in a Notice Under The Trustee Act, 1925 S. 27. Anyone with a claim against his estate, must have done so before the 4th September 1953.

The Smithy, Llanfaes
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The Smithy, as the name implies, is a tastefully converted former Smithy near Beaumaris that was built in 1811. It was converted to a high quality holiday home in around 1985, just before it was acquired by the current owners who have continued to improve and update the Grade 2 listed home to its beautifully appointed standard.

The Smithy is situated in the quiet hamlet of Llanfaes that is about 1 mile from Beaumaris on the Island of Anglesey, North Wales.

If you can help Stuart fill in some gaps  on
the history of Llanfaes Smithy

he can be contacted via
or visit his Llanfaes Smithy website


Photo copyright and courtesy of Richard Thomas

They were established in 1613 by David Hughes,
of Woodrising, Norfolk
This is the same David Hughes who established
the "
Free Grammar School" in Beaumaris in 1609

He gave a house which he had lately built at Beaumaris, for the use of a grammar school, and endowed it with all his lands in the county of Anglesey, for the payment of the master and usher, for the maintenance of the scholars, and for keeping the building in repair.
He directed his trustees to appropriate the surplus in placing
one or two of the scholars in either of the universities of Oxford or Cambridge, and in erecting an almshouse for eight persons, three to be chosen from the parish of Llantrisaint, where the founder was born, two from that of Ceidio, two from that of Llêchcynvarwydd, and one from the chapelry of Gwredog. 

The almshouse, consisting of eight rooms under one roof, is of quadrangular form, with an archway leading into the interior, and having a stone placed over it marked "D. H. 1613;" the building is situated in the parish of Llanvaes, about a mile from the town of Beaumaris.
The almsmen each receive an allowance of six shillings a week, five pounds of beef at Christmas, and six yards of frieze annually on St. Thomas's day; the whole provided out of the endowment assigned by David Hughes for a grammar school and almshouse.

Photo copyright and courtesy of Richard Thomas
Almshouses, front elevation
No 1. William Pritchard 87, Independent means, Mary  Pritchard 75. 

No 2. John Rowlands 45, agricultural labourer, Margaret Rowlands 66, John 16, William 14, Elizabeth 11, Ellen 6.

No 3. William Thomas 65, Independent means, Margaret Thomas 66,  Owen 15, shoemaker, Ellen 13.

No 5. John Ingrams 74, weaver, Jane Ingrams 62, Griffith 30 tailor, Margaret 35.

No 6. John Roberts 54, independent means, Mary Roberts 40, William 11, John 4.

No 7. Mary Williams 87, independent maens, Mary 40, Hugh 15 shoemaker, Mary 13.

No 8. Mary Jones 70, independent means.

No 9. Owen Roberts 65, army, Elizabeth Roberts 65

No 10. John Hughes 30, agricultutral labourer, Jane Hughes 35, Ann 9, John 7, Mary 5, Elizabeth 3, Ellenor 10 months.

No 11. William Morris 70, independet means, Elizabeth Morris 75, Jane 10.

No 12. John Owen 55, independent means, John Owen 25 shoemaker.

No 13. Richard Robinson 20, copper miner.

No 14. Hugh Roberts 50, independene means, Margaret Roberts 45, Elizabeth 22, Owen 19, shoemaker, Richard 16, agricultural labourer, John 12,  Ellen 9, Jane 6, Hugh 3.

No 15. William Lewis 60, independent meanm Margaret Lewis 70.

Photo copyright and courtesy of Richard Thomas
Almshouses Inner Courtyard
No 1. William Lewis, 70, widower, annuitant, tanner, Lewis Owen 37, lodger, carter, Margaret 41, lodger's wife, their children, Elizabeth 11, William 9, Catherine 7, Margaret 5, Ellen 4, Henry 1. 

No 2. Hugh Roberts 43, annuitant, labourer, Margaret 56 wife, children, Elizabeth 37, seemstress, Owen 29, shoemaker, John 27, llabourer, Hugh 13 at home.

No 3. Owen Jones 70, annuitant, labourer, Margaret 36, wife, Catherine 3, granddaughter.

No 4. William Morris 82, widower, annuitant, stone mason, Jane 29, granddaughter, house servant.

No 5. Owen Roberts 80, widower, Chelsea Pensioner, Mary Williams 56, widow, daughter.

No 6. John Hughes 46, labourer, Jane 46, wife, cook, children, Ann 18, at home, John 16, labourer, Mary 15, Elizabeth 13, Elinor 10, Catherine 6, Jane 3.

No 7. Mary Jones 76, widow, pauper.

No 8. Mary Hughes 50, widow, gardener, Catherine Williams 12, niece.

No 9.John Roberts 67, annuitant, shoemaker, Mary 57, wife, children, William 19, labourer, John 16, tailor.

No 10. John Lazerus, 23, annuitant, weaver, William Ishmael 49, son in law, tailor, Margaret Ishmael, 52, wife.

No 11. Watkin Jones 78, annuitant, labourer, Elizabeth 60 wife, Susan 29, daughter.

No 12. Richard Jones 66, annuitant labourer, Mary 51 wife, Edward 30, son, Owen Jones 9, slater lodger

Photo copyright and courtesy of Richard Thomas
Almshouses archway, entrance and Courtyard beyond
No 1. Richard Jones 76, agricultural labourer, Mary 61, wife, lodger Owen Jones 19, joiner. 

No 2. Hugh Roberts 72, agricultural labourer, Margaret 65, wife, children Owen 38, shoe maker, Jane 26, dressmaker, Hugh 22 shoe maker.

No 3. John Hughes 55, gardener, Jane 50, wife, children, John 25, widower, agricultural labourer, Catherine 15, Jane 13.

No 4. Richard Davies 42, carter, Jane 39, wife, Richard 20, son.

No 5. John Owen 73, pumper.

No 6. Uninhabited.

No 7. Robert Owen 52, agricultural labourer, Sarah 45, wife, children, Elizabeth 14, William 12, Joseph 10.

No 8. Robert Jones 85, pauper, shoe maker.

No 9. John Roberts 70, widower, shoemaker, children John 24, tailor, Ann 23, son's wife, Mary Jane 1 month.

No 10. William Hughes 72, agricultural labourer, Elizabeth 73, wife, Barry Hughes 40, daughter, Margaret Hughes 7, granddaughter.

No 11.Messiah Jones 50, agricultural labourer, Margaret 46, wife, Hugh 12, son. 

No 12. William Hughes 47, agricultural labourer, Jane 49, wife, children John 23 agricultural labourer, Thomas 17, agricultural labourer, Mary 9.

Photo copyright Eric Jones, reproduced here by licence
Llanfaes Almshouses
No1. Irene Hughes 56 widow of agricultural labourer. 

No 2. Owen Hearns 58, agricultural labourer, Ellen 54, wife, children, Richard 24, Robert 22, Owen 19, all carters, William 14, Thomas 12, both farm servants.

No 3. Richard Davies 51, carter,  Jane 49 wife, Richard 29, son agricultural labourer.

No 4. John Thomas 72, agricultural labourer, Anne Jones 77, domestic servant.

No 5.  Hugh Roberts 84, formerly stone mason, Margaret 80, wife, children Owen 48, shoe maker, Jane 36 needle woman.

No 6. John Davies 73, agricultural labourer. 

No 7. Robert Owen 60, widower, labourer, Joseph 18, labourer, Mary Owen 30 daughter in law, grandchildren Robert 5, Sarah 3.

Photo copyright Nigel Williams. Reproduced here by licence
Llanfaes Almshouses
No 1. Robert Roberts 38, agricultural labourer, Rebecca 42, wife, children, Robert 15, John Henry 14, Hugh 13, Owen 11, David 10, Catherine 7, William 6, Mary 6 twins, Ann 2, Martha 2 weeks. 

No 2. Jane Hughes widow of agricultural labourer,

No 3. Hugh Roberts 61, agricultural labourer, Catherine 69, wife, grandchildren, Catherine 15, David 4.

No 4. John Davies 80, widower, agricultural labourer.

No 5. Owen Eames 27, agricultural labourer, Ann 23, wife, children Ellen 3, Ann 6 months.

No 6. Uninhabited.

No 7. Uninhabited

No 8. Uninhabited. 

No1. Elizabeth Hughes, 65, poultry dealer, Owen Hughes 29, nephew, labourer, Ellen Roose Griffith 27, niece, dressmaker, Theophilus Griffiths 25, nephew, labourer, Elizabeth Griffith 2, great niece. 

No 2. Robert Roberts 47, labourer, Rebecca 52, wife, children, Henry 23, Owen 22, David 17, William 15, all labourers, Mary 15, Catherine 17, Anne Ellen 13, Martha 10.

No 3. Uninhabited

No 4. Jane Powell 44, widow, children, Jane 17, John 21 labourer, Ann 23, Ellen 8, Emma 4.

No 5. Catherine Roberts 79, widow, David 45 son, labourer, Mary 32, daughter in law.

No 6. Thomas Jones 31, carter, Mary 32, wife, children, Hugh 8, Ellin 5, Richard 4 months, Grace 3.

No 7. Jane Hughes 78, widow.

No 8. Uninhabited.

No 9. Uninhabited 

No 1. Owen Hughes 36, farm labourer, Jane wife 27, children Fanny Elizabeth 5, Maggie 8 months. 

No 2. John Hughes 46, quarryman, Elizabeth 43, William 6, John 3.

No 3. Mission Room - no service.

No 4. Jane Powell 54, widow , children John 30, William 23, both farm labourers, Emma 14.

No 5. William Hughes 51 farm labourer, Ellen 52, wife.

No 6. Griffith Evans 63, farm labourer, Mary 49, wife, children Evan 17, farm labourer, Mary 15.

No 7 Uninhabited

No 8 Uninhabited

No 9 Mary Jones 42, widow, children Ellen 15, domestic servant, Richard 10, Griffith 8, Sidney 6.

Photo copyright and courtesy of Richard Thomas
This plaque commemorates the re-roofing and refurbishing of the Almshouses by R. H. Williams-Bulkeley in 1937


Excitement at 'WWI practice trenches' find
Dec 1 2008 by Carl Butler, Daily Post

A TEAM of local aerial archaeologists has captured what may be World War I practice trenches.

Flying cameramen John Rowlands, of Rhosybol and David Roberts, of Malltraeth, snapped the largely forgotten trenches from 3,000 feet up during a survey part-funded by Anglesey Council's Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty unit and the Welsh Assembly Government.

The depressions in the field, which is about three miles from Beaumaris, could well have been trenches used to train soldiers ready for action in France in the 1914-18 war, they believe.

John, who also flies the surveys, said the discovery was "very exciting".

He said: "Although I knew about trenches at Bodelwyddan Castle, this is the first time I'd seen any on Anglesey.

"I was very happy to have found a connection with the Great War here on the island, especially after visiting the old battlefields of France and Belgium earlier this year.

"My family suffered a loss when my great uncle Messach, from Penmynydd, was shot in 1916, just 17 years old - two years younger than the minimum age for service abroad."

The trenches are about 300 yards long and in an irregular pattern, used to avoid the enemy having a clear line of fire too far along the trench, should they penetrate the trench.

John cannot be 100% certain they were practice trenches since historical detail about Army movements in the Great War are nowhere near as well documented as World War II.

"On the ground you would not notice them," he added.

Part of John and David's remit is to raise awareness of Anglesey's archaeology.

They achieved particular success in 2006 when Channel 4's 'Time Team agreed to make a programme about another discovery made by the pair near Amlwch.

Their images of the trenches can be seen online at
Carl Butler, Daily Post Reporter

I am very grateful to John Rowlands for permission to use the photo here. KD

Kingsbridge was named after the stone bridge that crossed
a nearby stream

1891 - 5th April; Census shows John Meigh 49, born Fillongley, a Sergeant with the Royal Engineers, living at Camp Field Llanfaes. His wife Mary Ann Meigh was 39 and described as a retired laundress. She was born in Montreal, North America. John's stepson William Harin was 11, born Old Brompton, Kent and the couple had two sons, Albert John Meigh 3 also born Old Brompton and Alfred George Meigh 1, born Beaumaris. 

1901; Census shows William Joseph Bullen, 42, a Sergeant in the Royal Engineers living at Camp Field, Llanfaes. He was born in Chatham Kent. His wife Henrietta was 32, born in Woolwich. They had four children; William Alfred 9, born Cork, Ireland,  Reginald 7 and Hettie Ada 4 both born Chatham and Millicent 1 born locally in Beaumaris.

At nearby Henllys, resided the Hon. Colonel  Thomas Lewis Hampton Lewis, 66, R.A. R.E. Militia, born Llanfaes, with his wife Lettie Hampton Lewis, 51, born Llangwyllog and their 2 daughters Dorothy Lettice Hampton Lewis 20 born Llanfaes and Mary Gwendolen Hampton Lewis 25 born London. They employed eight domestic staff.

Thomas Lewis Hampton Lewis, born 1834, was educated at Sandhurst and  entered the Army in 1852. He served in the Crimean War, from 1854 to 1856, and was at Balaclava, Inkerman, Tchernaya and Sebastopol. In 1872 he married Lettice Martha, the second daughter of Henry Prichard of Trescawen, Anglesey. He died in 1912 having had issue, Mary Gwendolen Hampton, born 1875. Under the provisions of her father's will she resumed the surname Hampton alone.

1902: The camp site was chosen for a tented Summer Camp for the militia, which included infantry and the Royal Anglesey Royal Engineers. The latter were taught 'smithy work, carpentry, bridge building and musketry'.

1911; Kingsbridge Camp was used for training reservists as army engineers, all housed under canvas.

1913;Beaumaris; In a wave of patriotic fervour, scores of young Beaumaris men flocked to the town recruiting centre to take the King's shilling with no idea of the horrors awaiting them in the trenches.
1914; Beaumaris; Hundreds of troops arrived in the town for training. Horses were commandeered for their use. 

Sallie Williams is pictured here in front of the Beaumaris Castle gates with a draft sending the soldiers out to France.

1914;Llanfaes; Outbreak of First World War, Kingsbridge Camp enlarged, permanent huts erected to accommodate 800 personnel instructed by the Royal Anglesey Engineers to build pontoon bridges, railways, stockades & wire entanglements & then drafted to France.

Soldiers with mule drawn wagons

Army lorry with thick wooden spokes, solid rubber tyres, lamps similar to those on horse drawn coaches. They had no doors or windscreens.

1914; Llanfaes;The Anglesey Volunteer Reserves were stationed at Kingsbridge camp, and guarded both the Britannia Bridge and the Menai Suspension Bridge as a precaution against the Irish troubles, which had threatened to flare up into civil war.

"Pulling Myself Together"
by Arthur Haley
 He mentions soldiers who were training at Kingsbridge Camp, Llanfaes, Anglesey

1917 "...I used to watch the men marching with little more than curiosity.
Then one day in early September we knew that a large body of men were going to march past. They were being drafted to the front. It was evening and all the family were waiting to stand outside to wave goodbye. As soon as they left the camp we knew they were on their way. The strains of "Pack up your troubles in an old kit bag" played by the Regimental band came wafted on the breeze. As the leading column hove into view the song had changed

"Keep the home fires burning
While your hearts are yearning
Though the boys are far away
They dream of home
There's a silver lining
Through the dark clouds shining
Turn the dark clouds inside out
Till the boys come home..."

How bravely they sang. How wildly we waved, right until the last man had disappeared round the bend in the road. In all the excitement I had seen mother trying vainly to smile. As we walked in the tears were coursing down her cheeks and I felt overawed by the contrasting silence that had fallen over all".

Group of WAACs, with Sallie Williams, top centre.

Sports day at Kingsbridge 1918.

I have made every effort to locate the owners of these Kingsbridge photos. 
If you have any further information, please contact me 

Military Sports, Kingsbridge
photo courtesy of Alison Morris-Jones

8709 Sapper Bernard W. Handley, A Depot Company, R. A. R. Engineers, Kingsbridge Camp, Beaumaris Anglesey. Christmas 1916.

Bernard was the cartoonist who drew the following postcards featuring Officers based at Kingsbridge Camp

Major T. Fanning Evans was from a well known Anglesey family, and had connections with Parys Mountain

Colonel W.A. Yockney, according to cartoon artist Bernard W. Handley, was quite one of the best officers he had met. He has always a 'good morning' when coming to the drawing office for the sketch to be drawn. He has a terrible hate of the R.A. R. E. Band and is always off when he hears the drum beat. It was he who said at the opening of the YWCA, 'I'm afraid it's the leg on the other boot'.

Quite a good sort and of course potters about with the Colonel like a dog trotting with his master. Acts as a sort of general secretary for the Colonel and his chief duty seems to call out on General parade, 'All present, Sir''. He always walks about with his hands in his pockets and his pipe in his mouth. You would miss his pipe before his nose if either was missing.

Lieutenant H Reid was the officer in charge of Field Works. There is a poor cat in the small box by his feet.

Lieutenat R. W. B. Owens. Quite one of the most sporting officers of the R. A. R. E.. He was in a high position in the banking line and comes from Liverpool, living in Waterloo. He gets the wind up very quickly but after all is quite harmless and wouldn't do a cap a bad turn. He was very upset to find he generally stands with his toes turned in. 

Lieutenant E. L. Roberts. A chief officer of the musketry business - the art of shooting Germans and generally guarding bridges with pieces of hot lead. He made an awful noise about his breeches but the Adjutant said that Bernard  W Handley hadn't drawn them half bad enough 

Lieutenant and Quarter Master A.E. Henderson. A very straightforward man who had always a pleasant word for everybody. He has most of the general supply of the camp to see to. Another point to note about Lieut Henderson is that he has rather a nice daughter.

1919; Early this year most of the troops were being demobbed or moved to other camps and German prisoners of war moved in. The North Wales Chronicle reported on June 20th that 'Fifty German prisoners of war are employed at the camp, filling trenches, etc. On Tuesday they marched through the streets of Beaumaris for exercise and their appearance created much interest'.  

1920; Llanfaes; Kingsbridge Camp was closed.



Polling District of Beaumaris (A)

Western Electoral Division
Parish of Llanfaes
This register contains the names in street order of all persons entitled to vote as parliamentary and as local government electors.

Names in Full Residence or property
Burton, James Hartley &May Matilda Fanny
Burton, John Prescott
Dwyer-Hampton, Bertie Cynnynghame
Dwyer-Hampton, Mary Gwendolen Hampton
Evans, David Edward
Girling, Wilfred Fred. William & Marie Therese
Goodyear, George & Dora Catherine 
Gould, Edward & Anne
Hales, William & Elizabeth
Haley, George & Margaret Bentley & Ernest R
Hughes, Hugh & Sarah Jane
Humphreys, Henry George & Jennie
Jones, David & Jane
Jones, Ann, John & Thomas
Jones, David
Jones, Robert & Esther
Jones, John
Lloyd, Richard, Jane, Ellis & Richard
Mason, Rupert & Annie Mason
Monks, Charles, Wilhelmina Caroline
Owen, John 
Owen, Griffith & Jane
Owen, Henry & Sarah Jane
Pimborough, Harry
Pierce, Mary & John
Pimborough, George Ed., Susannah, George
Price, John
Pritchard, Ellen 
The Weir
North Lodge, Baron Hill
The Cottages, Cartref
The Cottages, Cartref
Ty Tawel
4 The Cottages, Llanfaes
Henllys, Lower Lodge
Ty Refail
Tyddyn Gwynt
Bryn Hyfryd
Henllys Upper Lodge
Ty'n Lon Cottages
Ty'n Lon Cottages
Rhos Cottage
Churchgate, Llanfaes
Tre Castle Lodge
The Baths
Keeper's Lodge, Baron Hill
Keeper's Lodge, Baron Hill
Bryn Hyfryd