The 6th of August 2015 saw the commencement of a Facebook campaign to 'Save The Brimmon Great Oak Tree' from destruction, to make way for the Newtown bypass.
I have been working hard for the past 5 years to save the tree and another wildlife area.
All I request is that the route be diverted to allow a 15 metre space for the roots to continue to support the magnificent 500 year old oak tree for future generations to enjoy.
Mervyn Lloyd Jones

            The Brimmon Ancient Oak

Mervyn Lloyd Jones 
We will only have one opportunity at saving our tree.  I owe it to my ancestors. 5 generations of our family have cared for this tree and I am giving it my best shot to save our Ancient Brimmon Oak Tree.

 Currently the markers for the bypass are within 3 to 4 metres of Brimmon Oak No.1.
We are discussing with project contractors for the Welsh Govt. to ensure that the British Standard BS 5837:2012 Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction is adhered to here and the tree is given at least the minimum recommended 15 metres (from tree trunk) distance for any works to be carried out.
Rob McBride has been a tremendous support with his advice and vast knowledge of
Oak Trees

A little of the history of the Treescape
of this part of Mid-Wales.

Please click here to see Rob's You Tube report on our family tree

I've been fighting the Welsh Office for over 5 years to save our tree. At one stage they planned to chop it down, but when they realised that our family was prepared to fight to save it, they said that they had saved the tree.
In their brochure, they claimed that they were Nature Conservationists. However, when I asked them to place markers (white sticks) to show how close to the tree they were planning to build the by-pass, it transpired that it was 3.5 metres and not the British Standard requirements of 15 metres.

Information on the above signs:
Top Left: Approx 15m radius National Circle Root Protection Area.

Top Right: GPS Marker
Centre Left: Aprox edge of Bypass
Centre Right: 3.5 m distance from tree stem to Bypass edge
Bottom: Wooden GPS Markers
Newtown bypass: preliminary tree assessment. 6/03/2014
Jerry Ross .
Approx. protection radius 15 metres

A true veteran tree, approx. 8 metres tall but with a diameter of 1.8 metres; widespread burring on trunk; vigour quite good for a
tree of this age.

Root buttresses somewhat damaged by livestock and the ground at base somewhat poached.

A specimen of considerable value.
Close ups of trunk  


Rob McBride measures up.


Mervyn, 29th October 2015:
Once again no surprises from the Welsh Government. I first found about the fate of the tree on social media and I did request to be notified before the public knew.
They are sticking to their original plans of 3.5m from the tree trunk, so the public inquiry when I spoke about the tree for two hours was a waste of time.
I am so pleased I set the facebook page up to keep the fight going.
We need your help members to get more people to sign the petition, so please tell your family and friends to join the site "The Brimmon Ancient Tree" facebook group sign the petition.
I will  then be in the hands of the National Assembly for Wales to urge the Welsh Government to adhere to the recommendations of the appointment arboricultural specialists report stating 15m distance to British Standards.

Rob McBride, 30th October 2015:
I have chatted with Welsh Government contractors and of course Mervyn. There may (?) be better news to come soon. More talks are planned very soon.
But one thing is for SURE! We WILL WIN and this tree WILL NOT BE DAMAGED.
More to come next week on this situation.

Call to save ancient oak from bypass
Report by Andrew Morris 
A CAMPAIGN has been launched to save an oak tree which is thought to be 500 years old and could be felled to make way for a new bypass.
Mervyn Lloyd Jones, from Newtown, said The Brimmon Oak is well-loved in the area and could be lost if the town's bypass is given the go-ahead.
The tree is at Lower Brimmon Farm, where Mr Jones's family has lived for many years.
But under current plans, the bypass could be laid within four metres of the tree causing Mr Jones to speak out at the public inquiry earlier this summer.
Today he said: "I have launched a Save The Brimmon Ancient Oak Tree Facebook page and it already has 3,000 members I never imagined I would have so much support.
"I am kicking myself that I did not start this campaign before the public inquiry, but with all the support I have had I am confident we can make the Welsh government move the bypass to avoid the tree. I don't think it is a lot to ask for, so let's hope they see some common sense."
Mr Jones is being assisted in his campaign by Rob McBride, from Ellesmere, who is an expert on tree history.
He said: "There are two stunning ancient Welsh oak trees on the farm, relics of a special treescape. One of them is now under threat from the proposed Newtown bypass.
"The oaks are probably between 400 and 500 years old. They are part of land that was once owned by the Llanerchyddol estate. They were once working trees, cut for wood fuel, for timber and the leaves used for fodder or tree hay to feed farm animals.
"Currently, the markers for the bypass are within three to four metres of the Brimmon Oak in the middle of the field. These are superb, historic trees and they should be protected."
Mr McBride added: "Mr Jones gave an impassioned plea at the public inquiry and we await the outcome, Wales has got some fantastic trees and I really think this is up there. I am only sorry I found out about it too late to nominate it as tree of the year."
It is believed that an announcement on the outcome of the public inquiry will be made in the coming weeks, with work due to begin later this year.
The Brimmon Twin Oaks

 Visited the oak tonight (21st August) and still cannot get my head around why they want to go so close to the oak tree.
To highlight it, I have put a marker 15 metres away from the tree with my jumper on it, to show where they should go to, according to the tree reports.
Are we asking for a lot ?
 More photos of The Ancient Oak

  The following photos are courtesy of SurattanaThai JH


Picture copyright of Woodland Trust.

                       The Ancient Oak reflects on the past.....
This is the wedding photo of
Mary (known as "Polly") Jones and George Lewis in 1901.
Our grandfather is on back row, fourth from right.
Our great grandmother is sitting to the right of the bride.

 Montgomeryshire County Times
Shropshire and Mid Wales Advertiser
18th September 1897
What the Brimmon Oak witnessed all those years ago......

Badge of the 5th Volunteer Battalion South Wales Borderers.
Extract from the
History of The Newtown Silver Band. Click here to access their website

My Dad, Stanley Jones and two of his sisters, Blanche and Gwladys
under this now famous oak tree


W.S. Jones, Full Cream Milk,
                      Brimmon, Newtown


Mervyn's Aunty Blanche at the oak
with a kitten in the 1930s

The Pond

If they divert the bypass by just 10 metres,
it could also save this ancient wildlife pond.

They plan to go straight through the middle of it,
as indicated by the white markers.
It's hard to believe but it's true.
This pond is spring fed, loads of wild life feed on it.
There are Great Crested Newts living here.
Everyone should know what the Welsh office are doing to our wildlife. This pond was probably on this earth before man.

A Great Crested Newt
similar to those living in the pond.
Its natural habitat is seriously at risk.


Rob McBride registered this Oak
with the Woodland Trust for us.

 Rob McBride also registered this Field Maple for us.
We are in  no danger of losing this .

Really feel for this Sweet Chestnut. It's a victim of the bypass.


 We are very grateful for the magnificent support we have received not only through our facebook group, but also the following sources.


        This webpage complements The Brimmon Oak facebook page. 

This is the Tree Hunter website.


  Click here to access the Tree Hunter website

Davis Meade Property Consultants shared a group.
August 10th at 9:50am

Please take a minute to show your support for the following group. The proposed Newtown by pass route is positioned in close proximity to this ancient oak tree and the owner of land is fighting hard to save the tree. Specialists have said that the location of the road will have a detrimental impact to the health and lifespan of the tree.
BBC Radio Wales

Rob McBride
As it stands at the moment, just arranged forThe Brimmon Oak & Mervyn Lloyd Jones to star on BBC Radio Wales...
Good Morning Wales 07:50am 28th August
The breakfast programme for Wales, with news, interviews, sport, weather and travel information.
Presented by Louise Elliott and Oliver Hides.
                     Medi 5ed 2015  
5th September 2015
     Behind the scenes....
Mervyn: The tree was so pleased that Ken did the interview in Welsh as this was the tree's first language.
Craig Duggan interviews Ken

 BBC Radio Wales
13th September 2015

Radio interview with Mervyn Lloyd Jones
 "The Brimmon Tree"
Words and music by Sam Gomm and Dan Orsi (song writer) produced by Aled Roberts and Ian Gomm recorded at AMR studio Llanfyllinn Powys and published by Gomm Songs.
They all played a part in the song with backing singers.
Rob McBride with a copy of the CD.


Rob McBride with Matt Baker of Countryfile. What a great person to have aboard.

Radio Cymru
6th March 2016
 Dod At Ein Coed

Ken Davies being interviewed by Llion Williams
with Rory Francis looking on.


   Caring visitors to the
Brimmon Ancient Tree

This wonderful sketch was drawn by Tae-Leur Hill,
when she was just 8 years old.
She was a pupil at Maesyrhandir School, Newtown
when they visited The Brimmon Oak in March 2016.  
Tae-Leur is now at Treowen School.
Her mum, Mandy says that Tae-Leur felt very passionate about
the tree when they learnt all about in school.
Mervyn Lloyd Jones says "I just love this drawing".
Maesyrhandir School visit
    Photo copyright
Owain Betts
9th July 2015

    Mervyn on Romany Prince with Chloe Shannen holding Bella.
    Iolo Williams visits the tree and asked: "Is there anything I can do to help the campaign?"
A great person to have on our side.
    Nick Howells, a great supporter of the campaign.
    Aled Roberts, Sam Gomm and Dan Orsi by the tree.
    Lil Warburton admires the Ancient Oak.
    The tree meets Nick Lloyd and Tracey Williams.
    Marian and Ken Davies with Meg.

Local lad Mark Williams travelled from London to show his support for the tree.
A former professional footballer, Mark earned 36 Irish international caps and played in the PremierLeague.


County Councillor
Joy Jones and her son by the tree.
21st August 2015

"Thank you for the walk to see this magnificent tree.
"It was lovely in the sunshine and reminded me of when I was young at my Grandparents' farm.
"I had forgotten how the thistles feel when they attack your feet." 

Liz and Howard Williams
    Harper Adams Students
10th March 2016
    Maesyrhandir School
20th March 2016 
    Hafren School 10th May 2016

Lesley Rowe presents Mervyn with her beautiful painting of The Brimmon Oak.
29th January 2017.
    Keith Rowe
29th January 2017
    Ken and Marian Davies with Kim, Andrew, Rhian, Robin and Gwen.
26th February 2017

The wonderful Urdd competition entry.

Received excellent news on the 11th March 2017,
that the photographs came 1st
in all 4 photographic competitions.
Many congratulations.
Here are some more photographs in colour.

More visitors  at the Brimmon Oak ....The eldest boy wanted to photograph the tree as he is entering the photography competition for the Urdd Eisteddfod this year. The theme is, 'The Future.' and he thought the tree was a perfect example of the past, present and future.....and the tree is a witness to all that.
26th February 2017
    Coed Cadw members by The Brimmon 23rd March 2017
    1901 Wedding Group painting at The Brimmon Oak
by John Howe 
And finally:

Construction workers, just come here if you dare!!

The Brimmon's very own spaniel,
facing left, with ears flowing.

'Save The Brimmon Ancient Oak Tree '
facebook page. 

If you would like to support Mervyn
and his campaign to
Save The Brimmon Ancient Oak Tree,
he can be contacted via
or on facebook

 Let 'battle' commence.....

 The Welsh Government
Mervyn contacted
The Welsh Government.
His correspondence can be seen in full on the link on the right hand side,
with a couple of extracts from the text.
 P-04-658 The Brimmon Oak.
Correspondence from the Petitioner
to the Clerking Team 01.12.15

"My aim is to safeguard an ancient oak tree that my family have cared for since the 1600s and is under serious threat from the construction of
the Newtown Bypass."

"The Brimmon Oak e-Petition (4,731) has seen phenomenal interest and sign up from Powys; Wales; the United Kingdom; Europe, and in fact from right around the globe. For example the last signatory to the petition was a Ms McCarty from Charleston, West Virginia, USA. The world is watching WALES!"

Resume and latest news from Mervyn
The first talks I was involved in were about the Newtown bypass and the Brimmon Oak being chopped down.
I managed to change the planners' minds about this and they altered the route.
I was still concerned about the situation, and asked them to peg the route in the tree area.
The markers they erected were just 3.5 metres from the tree's trunk and I knew this would destroy the tree's root system.


We then had our own tree survey completed with an arbouriculture impact assessment.
I went to the public inquiry with this evidence, talked in defence of the tree for 2 hours and then it was a waiting game for the inspectors report and we were unfortunately, unsuccessful.
Rob McBride

Then new evidence came to my attention that Rob McBride had registered Brimmon Oak with the Woodland Trust back in 2009.

I got in touch with Rob and he has been my mentor since.
He told me to start a facebook campaign and subsequently, I am not alone anymore in this fight.

We then were advised by our local Mid and West Wales Assembly Member, William Powell, to appeal to the Welsh Assembly Government's Petitions Committee with an online petition, which a magnificent 4,731 people signed.

Edwina Hart AM
Transport Minister

William Powell AM
 A letter from Transport Minister Edwina Hart to Mr Powell, eventually confirmed that there would be a 15 metre exclusion zone around the tree. This was as a result of evidence put forward by myself and campaigner Rob McBride.

The zone will help to preserve the tree. I was delighted with this.

I was quoted as saying: "To begin with I was a lone warrior on this, but we have had great support and have managed to save the tree.
"It is preserving a piece of history for the town, and my family history."
The roots would be damaged if the road was not diverted 15 metres away.
The tree now has a 15m TPA and is protected by a circular fence.

I would like to take this opportunity to
thank you all

for your fantastic support.
Please stay with us and I will keep our
facebook site alive with regular updates. 

Save The Ancient Brimmon Oak Tree  


 Making History

Picture courtesy of Sean Harding
The Brimmon Oak
was nominated by Mervyn Lloyd Jones
after a suggestion by Rob McBride
to entered for:

Welsh Tree of The Year



UK Tree of the Year 2016

 The Programme
Channel 4,
17th December 2016

UK Tree of The Year - trailer
Click here to see Ardal O'Hanlon's trailer for the programme


Filming the programme
Mervyn Lloyd Jones

 Rob McBride with Ardal
The Brimmon Oak

 View the programme: Channel 4 - Tree Of The Year

The Judges

Ardal O'Hanlon, Danny Clarke, Julian Hight,
Jill Butler

The Brimmon Oak
UK and Welsh Tree of the Year

The Great News
Click here to hear Mervyn give the result.
Courtesy of Rob McBride @treehunters

BBC Radio Wales
Good Morning Wales
Nellie Bird and Oliver Hides
19th December 2016

Click here to hear Mervyn's broadcast. 
Click here to hear Rob McBride's interview

Click here to hear see the conversation.
Courtesy of Rob McBride   @treehunters 

The Welsh Tree of the Year 2016
The United Kingdom Tree of the Year 2016

The Sign........ 

On its way...

...and up.

Photo courtesy of Dylan Woodhouse

Click here to access The Treehunter Shop 

Sample postcard
            To see and purchase all postcards, please visit the Treehunter Shop on line

  European Tree of the Year 2017

Poster designed by Lara Mae Harris

 To Vote for The Brimmon Tree
please visit:
European Tree of the Year 2017

Voting is between

1st February and 28th February 2017
Vote for 2 trees, need to confirm your vote
following receipt of an e-mail after voting.
Results on the 21st March 2017

Sam Gomm writes:
Here is a Poem about The Brimmon Oak Tree from a daughter of a friend of mine, Rob Scott. Lily Jo Scott is aged 10.

A tree from our car in the distance, can't you see its tiny
A tree I see its getting bigger, look at its shadow its such a strange figure
A tree by me its growing leaves they are swooshing around in the cool windy breeze
A tree I see as big as me, why, how, its growing its thriving with glee
A tree by as big as Dad, will it carry on growing? It better had!
A tree I see its really tall, now towering high, I'm really small
A tree by me that stretches out to the sky, if I climb it, I'll be really high
A tree I see that has stopped growing, but its always mine without it knowing.
4th February 2017.

The Brimmon Oak
Outside the daffodils shine bright,
The bright yellows contrast with the sunlight,
As they move swiftly with the breeze,
Surrounded by their brothers, the trees.
The Brimmon oak is an ancient brother,
Yet is still one of their many lovers,
Loved by all he stands tall,
proudly watching over Newtown
as the world he once knew falls apart,
five hundred years, maybe more,
to me it sounds like such a bore!
But imagine the stories our brothers could tell
if only they could talk,
I would never want them to stop,
there would be no talk and walk,
When you're sad, do you go on a walk?
Watch as the fish swims away form the stalk,
I walk up to my brother,
And he always cheers me up,
just like a mother would
He stands clearly on top of a Hill on the Jones family farm,
He's always there for when you need a helping hand,
so what I'm trying to say is..
low amounts of Carbon Dioxide
Good air and water quality
This was written Lara May Harris who also designed our poster 
15th March 2017

The Trees.
These are the 16 countries which are competing for the title of
The European Tree of the Year 2017
Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, England,
Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary,
Ireland, Lithuania, Northern Ireland, Poland,
Scotland, Slovakia, Spain, Wales.

 Treehunter Rob McBride supports
European Tree of the Year

Click here to listen to Rob McBride

The Brimmon Oak:
pedunculate oak (Quercus robur),
over 500 years old, Newtown, Powys, Wales, UK

A new bypass was 'bent' to save this ancient pollarded oak
known as 'the Brimmon oak'.
It has been cared for by one family for generations - they even have wedding photographs from 1901 that were taken under its canopy. But in 2015 it was threatened by a new bypass.
Mervyn Jones, who farms the land, campaigned hard to save the tree with 'tree hunter' Rob McBride and following a
5,000 signature petition to the Welsh Assembly,
the bypass route was adjusted.

Photograph: Tracey Williams /
Environmental Partnership Association

 BBC Radio Wales
1st February 2017
8th February
15th February

                     Listen again to Sam Gomm's The Brimmon Tree

 BBC Radio Wales
1st February 2017
Day 1 of voting and Rob McBride is already
drumming up support by driving over 300 miles to appear
on Wynne's show.

"....The Brimmon Oak......."

Frank Hennessey introduces his live song on the show....
Then Rob getting a banner autographed with
Sue Charles and Frank Hennessey.

Photos courtesy of Rob McBride @treehunter

Rob was also interviewed on
Nicky Campell and Rachel Burden's

 BBC Radio Shropshire
3rd February 2017

Rob McBride: The Brimmon on the programme.

So, what's Nick Clegg up to these days?
3rd February 2017

 Nice one Nick!

6th February 2017

Our grateful thanks to Newtown Morrisons
for kindly agreeing to display our banner

Rob McBride @treehunters at Newtown Morrisons

BBC Radio 2, 
6th February 2017

The four trees covered in the programme:
Scotland, Northern Ireland,
England, Wales

Big thank you to BBC Radio 2 and Chris Evans
for putting this programme together.
Great coverage for The Brimmon Oak and

we won a lot of votes through this live interview ...
total votes to date:
  1.Brimmon Oak....3828....2.Czech Republic ....2814 ....

Please keep sharing the links to vote and once again thank you for your treeemendous support.



White hair-do.

 11th February 2016
The Brimmon Tree On here in Holland at 2pm
With the Song And the link to vote
Thanks DJ Herman Smeets

Photo courtesy of Owain Betts

14th February 2016 
I have been given 100 postcards of Czech tree to promote it....
so, I have  'modified' the back of the card...
Tady tento strom posunul da'lnici'....
'The tree that moved a motorway'
 please vote also for the Brimmon Oak.

Might give them out at TV interview tomorrow at their tree in Lipka.

Welcome Zralé Mango to the group.

Voting for the Brimmon Oak on a train to Breclav
with a very Crazy tree hunter.

There's always one bad acorn.... sorry, apple!

 15th February 2016

Rob McBride writes: Treemendous day today promoting 
The European tree of the Year contest
in Lipka Czech Rep.

With the Environmentsl Partnership Association also Nadace. National TV and local school kids and teachers came 
to sing and play music for me. 

I also managed to promote the Brimmon Oak via my postcards 
and new Craghoppers printed fleece.

 17th February 2017

The Brimmon
Sam Gomm and The Brimmons

 Click here to see the song being performed by The Brimmon Oak
Courtesy Rob McBride @treehunters

 Y CYMRO 17 CHWEFROR 2017       17 FEBRUARY 2017

 18th February 2017

A very warm welcome to very cold Budinsky Hrad (castle) Zilina.


We swapped leaves. I took Brimmon oak tree leaves
for them

...and asked on tv for votes for Brimmon Oak

Hungarian Police get behind the 'Vote Brimmon Oak' campaign
on the train to Budapest

Well, I suppose it was a "fair cop"!
Hungarian link

18 CHWEFROR 2017     18 FEBRUARY 2017

Gerallt Pennant

Twm Elias
Eifiona Thomas Lane

Hefyd clip o "Dod At Ein Coed" Radio Cymru
gyda Llion Williams
9 Mawrth 2016

Ken Davies and Rory Francis featured on this programme about
The Brimmon Oak

BBC Radio Wales
18th February 2017
Played Sam Gomm's
The Brimmon Tree

19th February 2016 
Rob's lovely Aragonese/Spanish amigo Chabier
is promoting the Brimmon Oak here.
"Muchas Gracias" my great tree friend

 20th February 2017
Rob McBride talks to George on Czech TV

Oystermouth Radio
20th February 2017

 Ken Davies 
delivers posters around Newtown
20th February 2017

Poster designed by
Lara Mae Harris

 21st February 2017
Rob McBride on Polish television,
includes a Brimmon Tree mention

Amazing tree story for this stunning Polish Oak
(Dab pron Domp) Oak Josef that hid a family of 6 Jewish folks
from the Nazis for 3 months in World War II.
Fed by local people who were risking execution to do so...
just amazing day and lovely folks.
Well worth the trip to the Ukraine border area

S4C Heno
22 Chwefror 2017
Ffilmio / Filming Y Brimmon 

Elin Fflur a'r criw.

Rory Francis

Mervyn Lloyd Jones

Ken Davies

Rory, Ken with Mervyn's cousin Bethan
and his Aunty Blanche, who used to play shop
around the base of the tree as a child.

Rob McBride having a chat with Elin Fflur

Y Rhaglen
The Programme

Elin Flur at The Monty Club, Newtown
being introduced from the S4C Studio, Llanelli.

Live broadcast from The Monty Club
Earlier filming shown first

View of The Brimmon Oak's surroundings 

Rory Francis, Woodlands Trust

"The Brimmon Tree" sung by Sam Gomm,
was featured in the programme

Mervyn Jones, Landowner

Ken Davies, local historian 

UK and Welsh Tree of the Year 2016
Back live at The Monty Club

Elin Fflur, S4C

Heini Evans, Woodland Trust
In the background are Sam Gomm and Bryn Dando
who arranged for us to appear on Heno
Mai Jones, owner of The Monty Club

Elin interviews Rob McBride, Treehunter

12 Months On
23rd February 2017 

Click here to see BBC News Item


Friday 24th February 2017

Article instigated by Heini Evans,
Coed Cadw PR & Communications Officer

24th February 2017
 Friday, 24th February 2017
Click here to access the on-line article

25th February 2017

24th February 2017

 Friday 24th February 2017
Click here to access on-line article

 BBC 1 
26th February 2016

Paper Review: Janice Long selected the item on The Brimmon Oak, which appeared in later editions of The Times. 

 26th February 2017

Click here to read article

26th February 2017


Gerallt Pennant gave an update from last week's programme and reminded listeners to vote for
The Brimmon Oak
 in the
European Tree of the Year competition.

Excellent piece on the Radio Cymru current affairs programme Post Cyntaf today
8.00am in the today's papers section.
Summarises our plight as a result of an article in The Times, urging people to look up the story of the tree and to vote for The Brimmon.  Brilliant.

 Presenter Dylan Ebenezer said that as it was The Oscar Ceremonies today, he could see a red carpet by the tree.

Rhian Davies 

How it started..
Rob McBride, treehunter 
The day I FIRST saw the Brimmon Oak, 6th May 2009,
I recorded it onto the Ancient Tree Hunt (ATH) website, luckily.
Mervyn Lloyd Jones then found me 
and the rest is history as they say...apart from the fact that
there are only TWO DAYS remaining to
VOTE for the Brimmon Oak.

28th February 2017
The last day for voting for the
European Tree of The Year 2017
and Rob McBride
is still campaigning.

On my way to Cardiff to see if BBC Wales will run a news piece
on our Brimmon Oak today, the last day of voting for
European Tree of the Year 2017.
Hope to 'meet' BBC folks later with my Brimmon Oak banner.

Great folks on the train voting as we go.

Richard voted as we chatted

bus driver Ray gave me a free ride to near BBC
as it was pouring down.

Well at least I got to meet face to face & chat - forthrightly - to BBC Wales News Producer about Brimmon in Euro Tree contest not having a decent report on the news

Not really news worthy is the outcome,
so lets try somewhere else special that might like
to promote Welsh tree culture

Met Teleri Glyn Jones TV presenter and TV crew
Sam on reception at Senedd voted there & then...good man

Trying to meet Ken Skates and First Minister Rhodri Morgan

Ken Skates AM
Rhodri Morgan
 but a busy day in Plenary session so may struggle.

 Thank You
 Thank you for your Treeeeeeemendous support in the European tree of the year competition ....results will be announced 21st March.
Mervyn Lloyd Jones

Thank you so much everyone for your support during the voting month and sorry to have kept pestering you it's fingers crossed for the Brimmon Oak.

Tuesday 21st March is the results date.
We will let you know asap on the night just how The Brimmon Oak did.

Life can possibly return to normal now,
we hope...
Rob McBride   @treehunter

 Also, thanks to the Brimmon Oak.
That was the connection which brought Rob and myself together.
When I received the news from the Welsh Government that I had lost my battle to save the tree, it hit me hard.
I even had to draw a plan for a new alternative route to avoid the Brimmon Oak. Then by chance, my cousin asked for a grid reference for the tree and I received the news that the now famous oak was registered by a person called Rob McBride,   with the Woodland Trust in 2009.
What I did next was enter Rob McBride's name
 into Google and found his telephone number.
I phoned him at 10.30pm and we chatted for about an hour and we met under the tree the next day.
The rest is history and he has been my mentor ever since.
When you meet under a tree, you have a friend for life.

.... and while we wait...
1st March 2017
St David's Day

William Denston Powell, with Rob McBride and
Mervyn Lloyd Jones.
William played a big part on helping us save our tree


Another 'The Brimmon Tree' airing
17th March 2017

Radio Cymru: Mark Griffiths
18th March 2017

Radio and TV Interviews
Radio Cymru and potentially BBC Wales and S4C
19th March 2017
with Craig Duggan

for transmission 20th, 21st, 22nd March 2017

Ken (left) with Craig

Ianto assists his father Craig.

Preparing to interview Mervyn

Interviewing Ken

The Brimmon buds are here!

Mervyn's dream comes true.
19th March 2017

BBC Breakfast?

21st March 2017 

Satellite dish working OK

Sound checks all OK...... 

Tuesday 21st March 2017


The Brimmon Oak appears in the programme's introduction, 

but the item is not shown
because of the following breaking news

Rearranged for Wednesday 22nd March

Post Cyntaf
21 Mawrth 2017

Ken interviewed by Craig Duggan

Wales Today

21st March 2017

Mervyn being interviewed by Craig Duggan
Photo courtesy of Soraya Glynn

The Brimmon Brussels Boys
Depart For The Award Ceremony
20th March 2017

A date at Droitwich before Dover,
with a Treehunter presentation
to perform.

 Dover to Calais

European Parliament
21st March 2017

The Brimmon Brussels Boys arrive


Rob McBride: Brimmon Oak an amazing
2nd place in European Tree of the Year 2017.
Thank you for all of your support and votes...
as the song says ..

Oh what a night!...and early morning!
Many congrats to the Polish Tree of the year winning
European tree of the year 2017...

Click here to see Mervyn's award

Ladislav Miko and Natalie Pauwels
moderated the whole ceremony.

The moment of truth....

Runner up European Tree of the Year

Rob gives his support

Heini Evans (Woodland trust ) Rob McBride,
Julie Ward MEP and Mervyn.
Mervyn was asked by Julie Ward  
"Have you received any help from your MEP
in your fight to save The Brimmon Oak?"
Mervyn's reply was "Who is my MEP?"
Julie promised to help us if needed

Heini Evans, Coed Cadw, with Mervyn

Ladislav Miko with Mervyn

Mervyn with Mark Tree Meyer

The Lime Tree representatives
from the Czech Republic
who came 3rd

Klub Gaja and Wisiniowa folks celebrating being
Champion European Tree of the Year 2017.
 Lovely folks who Rob met recently in South Eastern Poland
 next to Oak Jozef...


During WWII the oak became shelter for a Jewish family
hiding from the Nazis.
Also the oak's image was printed on
Polish 100 zloty bill.
Presently oak Józef is admired by many visitors
and serves as model for photos and paintings.

European Tree Of The Year

Oak Josef, Poland 
The Brimmon Oak, Wales
The Lime Tree, Czech Rep.
The Ceron Park Saman, France
The Sycamore Gap Tree, England
The Holm Oak, Northern Ireland
The Venerable Sessile Oak, Bulgaria
The Ding Dong Tree, Scotland
Plane Tree, Slovakia
Aprisquillo Pine, Spain
Russalka Oak, Estonia
The Village Lime Tree, Belgium
Stelmuze Oak, Lithuania
Plane Tree  Jazsai Mari Square, Hungary
Hugh O'Flaherty's Trees, Rep. Ireland
Climbing Beech, Germany

At the Beer Factory....

Heini Evans, Coed Cadw, sharing info with Mervyn
as Rob gives the Victory sign

Mervyn with Paul Powelsland

22nd March 2017 

6.18 am
Environmentally Sensitive Area

6.18 am
All quiet on the Western Front

Wednesday 22nd March 2017

Sally: "John (Maguire) is in a beautiful part of the world.
He's in Powys in Wales."

John Maguire introduces the Brimmon Oak
"Is this the European Tree Of The Year?"

John holds a Treehunter postcard of The Brimmon Oak

"This by-pass was putting the tree at risk"

"The Brimmon Oak is runner-up in the
European Tree of the Year 2017.
A fantastic result. Our thanks to the
16,203 people who voted for the Brimmon Oak."

Ken: "A wedding photograph was taken in 1901
of Mervyn Lloyd Jones's great Aunt"

Sally: "Wasn't that photograph amazing?"
Dan: " Lovely bit of tree based history."

"The tree's only here today because Mervyn and Rob
set up a campaign and petitioned the Welsh Assembly".
"Without Rob McBride, Treehunter,
we would not be here today talking about this tree."

"Trees like this, which are over hundreds of years old,
should be protected."
"Another thing that is unique about this tree,
is that it has a song written about it,
by Sam Gomm, called 'The Brimmon Tree' ".

Click here to see the Brimmon Tree interview highlights
With grateful thanks to
Rob McBride @thetreehunter







Chris read out the following text from Ken Davies:
Hi Chris, please thank the 16,203 people
across the world who voted for
Newtown's Brimmon Oak to be
Runner up in The European Tree of the Year 2017
competition. Diolch.

 What a Journey
Mervyn's Diary of events.....
Monday 20th March. Tree talk in Droitwich ...stayed overnight in Ashford.
Tuesday 21st March. Early morning ferry 7am to Calais, landed around 8.30am. Then travelled to Brussels, arrived around 2pm.
Had a great apartment.
5.30 pm arrived at the European Parliament for a strict security check and then we were escorted to the members lounge for the main event and to be honest everyone seemed to know me through the tree, and what a honour for the tree.
Then it was party time, led astray by Rob Mcbride and all his European friends and had a great evening with great company.


Wednesday 22nd March. 9am Conference Meeting with the EOTY committee, and believe me the competition is getting stronger with Russia entering next year. The meeting finished earlier than we thought, so we decided to go home a day earlier.
On our journey to Calais, Rob received a phone call from BBC Radio 2 for a live interview on Simon Mayo's Drivetime at 5:15pm.
That interview took place in the members lounge on the ferry

Thursday 23rd March, arrived home safely around 1.30am

23rd March 2017
First 'official' visitors to
The European Tree of the Year 2017
Runner Up. 

"Bit star struck after meeting and getting to hug,
 a real local legend.
 Not only UK and Welsh Tree of the Year 2016
but now European Tree of the Year 2017,
Runner Up too.
The Brimmon Oak,
the tree that bent a bypass ???"
words by Natalie Dove
Woodlands Trust / Coed Cadw

 Simon Mayo Drive Time next?23rd March 017


Click here to listen to Rob's interview 

Rob: So the story was...use Skype, yes ok...
not enough room on phone...delete several apps...
5 mins to go live...try install of skype...,not working...
ok try crew members luck...
back to my phone..1 min to go....
Simon starts to introduce me..LINE DROPS OUT!...
5 secs later they call back...
I'm on....I can hear him perfect...

25 Mawrth 2017

Gerallt Pennant
Gerallt and Twm discussed the result of the
European Tree of the Year competition, thanking listeners for voting. 

Twm Eleias 

28th March 2017 

29th March 2017 

Click here to access the following items on RobMcBride's Treehunter website:

Click here to see Rob McBride's excellent YouTube compilation

An aerial view

County Times
 7th April 2017

Rob McBride writes:
For the next few days I will post some CONTENDER trees for the European Tree of the Year competition 2017 contest.
17th March 2017

One of the Brimmon Oak's main rivals for the title was;
Dab Jozef Tree

It has a remarkable story from World War II
Click here to see the fascinating Treehunter report


Photo courtesy of  David Lister

 The Future....
 Mighty Oaks from little Acorns grow

Beautiful Brimmon acorns from 2016

School visit
10th May 2016 
Ye Auld
Oak Tree!
A Tale of Two Routes / Roots

Derwen class had a busy and pretty active afternoon as they headed up the Vastre to visit Mervyn and listen to his stories of the history of the Brimmon Oak Tree as part of their class topic on Tudors.
We were amazed to learn that the Brimmon Oak Tree was a sapling at that time and Miss Allen couldn't wait to take her class for a visit.
The children also saw the conservation work around the tree and how the bypass route has been changed to protect the tree roots.
 Hafren pupils collected 170 Brimmon acorns.
These were refrigerated for

60 days
Just about ready 
Looking good  
Yes, this one of many will do! Let's get potting.  
Right then.
The 500 year growth starts now.

 The saving of the Tramcar

Mervyn Lloyd Jones 
On the 22nd May 2016, we donated a horse drawn tramcar to the National Tram Museum at Crich, Derbyshire. I received a email from them congratulating the Oak on winning the UK Tree of the Year.
They have a sum of £55,000 to start  renovating the tram to its original condition.
This is pleasing to my family and myself and I know I made the right decision donating the tram to the museum.

I'd like to credit the following photos to Mike Crabtree and LCCTT

The tramcar at its location.  
 Another view. 
The ceiling. 
Gently does it. 
To the National Tram Museum at Crich, Derbyshire please.  
The Oak and Tramcar bid farewell. 
Finally on its way.  
Safe arrival at the National Tram Museum at Crich, Derbyshire.   
Photos: Mike Crabtree and LCCTT
Our tram will be restored like the one in the photo around 1885.
It has two decks and two horses pulling the tram.
Our tram was in use in London and last used in 1906